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One of the most unique and interesting BDSM porn sites is ThaiMoneyPrincess. Featuring an awesomely beautiful, slim and sexy princess from Thailand, this amazing site is out there to make men her slave. Though she lives a life of luxury, she loves to bring men to their knees, and serve her as her personal slaves. ThaiMoneyPrincess provides numerous episodes of this ultra-sexy princess making her slaves worship her body while she spins off their money, brainwashes their brains, and play sex games with them. Behind her sweet smile, this sexy Thai princess is a perverted money mistress, who loves to financially dominate male slaves, and whacking their dicks or making them kneel like puppy dogs.

Not everyone can become a money slave of ThaiMoneyPrincess, for one must know more about this princess, and then join the site to become her slave. The membership fee is minimal and affordable too, offering two membership plans. Before you subscribe to ThaiMoneyPrincess, it is mandatory for one to know more about this sexy princess, and that’s what this review will give you. It has been provided to give you all the information you need to subscribe to this site. So, go ahead and read this review and subscribe to ThaiMoneyPrincess.

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ThaiMoneyPrincess has a unique layout, featuring sensual colors like red, gray, white and black with shades of yellow ochre used in strategic places. Red is used in limited amounts, especially for the backgrounds of some important parts of the site, such as the Join Now and Members buttons, as well as the headings of some sections of the site. Grey is used for the boxes giving a brief description of the specific video. The text in the gray boxes is white, highlighting the video prominently. The text is large and easy to read. There are various videos which show what ThaiMoneyPrincess is all about, such as Inside My Shoe Fetish World, Rent Is Due Slave Boy, and others. This slut truly knows how to make a man a slave. Yellow ochre is also used for the Join Now button that is seen against each video box. The overall background of this site has a black background. The overall scheme of colors, their placement, and other details have been very well detailed out on this site.

There are two tour pages for guests to review. There are four reviews on each tour page, each giving a different aspect of the princess’ domination fetish. On the top of the site, more like the header, there is a brief description of the princess, and a link, Everything About Me, a beautiful photograph of the ThaiMoneyPrincess, with a very seductive smile. On the footer, there is another seductive pose of her, showing her middle finger, out to potential slave boys like you, inviting you to worship her like a goddess. Her only aim in life is to take control of your life, and when you join, she will ensure that your life is under her control. All videos are in HD resolution and are compatible with any device. So, you can always carry your princess with you wherever you go. This site is very affordable, and membership gives you access to a dozen sites, which specialize in BDSM porn. Membership fee can be paid through PayPal, credit cards or even bitcoins.


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One thing that stands out prominently about the ThaiMoneyPrincess is her wild character and her desperation to make you her slave. Well, rather than a desperation, it is a willingness to make you her slave, for she believes in ruling over you. This chick is a true princess, and her beautiful curves can make you go crazy. Watching her naked is a privilege only her favorite slaves get, and to become her favorite slave, you need to give her money, for all her luxuries, paying her bills, worshipping her perfectly round ass, or massage and worship her feet. Whatever it is that she demands you to do, you must pay her to enjoy the privilege of watching her eccentric curves, beautiful boobs, and pink cunt.

Searching through the videos on this site will help you realize that the woman that you are about to see is hellishly hot and simply stunning loves to treat her slave as a dog, making you kneel in front of her. Spending his money on shopping with her best friend Lisa, going to expensive restaurants and make you wait for her, chained to bed are some of the kinky acts she loves to indulge. Check out this video, for instance, where the princess went to get her hair done and one of her slaves paid her bill to the salon. After paying the salon, she still had a sizeable amount left with her, which she used for shopping, and to buy her favorite shoes. As an honor for purchasing the shoes, and paying the salon, she gave him the opportunity to massage her naked body, while she chastised him, and played with his dick, till he squealed like a pig.

Watch submissive studs get brainwashed into becoming a slave, worshipping her body, kneel submissively and get allowed to cum as per her wishes. This is something that will turn many men on, and you will yearn for the princess to dominate you in an equally seductive and kinky manner. Such unreserved devotion to BDSM will make your jerk-off session very pleasurable and satisfying, and you would want to visit this site time and again.



Let’s conclude the review of this exquisite site. ThaiMoneyPrincess will guarantee you the best BDSM porn with the sexiest and sluttiest princess. The videos and their exquisiteness merit your membership. Membership to ThaiMoneyPrincess will also give you access to a dozen sites, all of which feature insane BDSM porn contents. In HD quality, they can be downloaded or streamed, and every Friday, a new episode is added. So, you will always have a fresh content every week to enjoy. With affordable membership plans varying between a month and three months, you can watch porn from a whole new perspective.

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