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My idea of a great weekend is me well refreshed after having a nice dinner, all locked up in a room with my computer set to one of my favorite porn sites as I get ready to entertain myself with the sight of boobs and pussies filling the screen. I know some people may think I am addicted to porn, but then, I don’t mind if you call me an addict, what I can do when I have access to so many good porn sites for the price of one. Yeah, it is possible; I got my megapass when I chose to join tugpass. I heard it was an excellent site for hand jobs, so I decided to check it, and I was impressed by what was on offer. Those who are members of tugpass get access to all sites on the network. These include access to mean massage, clubtug, Teentug, petite18, cumblastcity, seemomsuck, over40handjobs, ebonytugs and bustydirect. Meanmassage is a site where you find these domineering women giving handjobs to guys only to leave them frustrated as their orgasm is cut before it happens. This site was voted the best femdom site. Clubtugs is considered the best handjob site. This site features very big cock receiving handjobs from ladies that range from very fresh to old. Teentugs is showcases fresh girls tring to give hand jobs to some monster cocks. Petite18 is a site that features very cute models, five feet and under, taking some monster cocks. Cumblastcity is the place to go when you want to see ladies taking cum all over their face. At semomssuck, you get to meet some of the most perverted families ever with mums and their chicklings ganging up on men. Over40handjobs is where you get to meet mature ladies who love to give handjobs. Ebonytugs is for those who love to see black chicks giving handjobs to white dicks. Then there is bustydirect which as the name suggest features some very busty models giving handjobs. As you can see, when it comes to anything hand job, tugpass has got you covered. It is a place to go when you have any fantasy about hand jobs. The content is great and diverse, so you are sure of getting the entertainment you deserve. For the price of one, you will have access to nine explosively hot hand job sites most of which are award winning sites.

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This is one exquisite website that is well organized. There is a lot of content on the site but the website design is so well thought out such that it is easy to find anything you want on the site. Just like most other sites, there are menu tabs at the top of the home page. Those that stand out are the tabs for models. On the models page, you can search models by name. The models show up with their picture and name and their age group. There are many handy tools that are added to the site to make it easy to navigate. There is a search box that you can use to search for content with a related keyword. To help users navigate easily, the site is arranged in numbered pages. To move from one page to another, you simply click on the next number. This is very handy for those who are visitors as they can take a tour of the site very easily. This site’s niche is handjob with a lot of variation and is one of the pioneer megapass sites that offers content in this niche. Unlike other megapass sites that offer content from different niche, this site focuses on handjobs albeit with slightly different twists. Those who will be join the site would be pleased to know that they can access the site on laptops, computers as well as on mobile devices. You can even download videos on any of these devices. As a member, you are allowed limitless video downloads.

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The models on this site are as varied as the site on which they feature. You will find models that are black as well as those that are white. There are models that are busty and there are those that are cute. Then some models are mature and models that are very fresh. That is how diversified the models on this site are. However, in all their diversity, they have one thing in common; they are beautiful and know how to give a handjob. I particularly love Dava Foxx who is a massage therapist and wonderful at handjobs. In the video “incredible cumshot”, Dava is solicited by a guy Russell for a massage. Dava happily agrees and sets to work. While Russel was thinking of a normal massage, he had no idea Dava had other things in mind. Before he knew it, Dava was milking his cock in a way that left him spurting cum all over the place. Simply put, you are going to be wowed by the quality of handjobs that you will find on the different sites. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching a freshie give a hand job or a milf; all these models seem to have gone to the special institute where they were thought her to milk men dry without even trying. To make the entertainment that you will get even better, the videos are shot with high-quality gadgets. They are available in different formats such as HD, mp4 and divx. Members are allowed to download as many videos as they want from the site. This means members can download as many as 1500 videos from the site.


It is not every day that you get the goodluck of coming across so many great porn sites in one place. Most times, you get a megapass and then are left with a bad taste in your mouth with the quality of content that you get. Thankfully, this is not going to happen with tugpass. They deliver as promised; it would be hard to find fault with the site. If your aim is to watch the greatest handjobs out there, then when you are at tugpass, know you are dealing with the best.

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