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Our Opinion on Ultimate Surrender


Ultimate Surrender is a porn site with a different rare theme in porn sex entertainment. You are presented with a host of hot sexy cuties in wrestling sex matches. The girls climb on stage in their birthday suits and go at each other only to change the mode of the duel after a winner emerges. They hump up and fuck in steamy encounters that leave you utterly wet in your crotch. The platform has been around for over a decade now.

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I was impressed with the way Ultimate Surrender presents its content for users. The home page is beautifully marked with captions of girls in various wrestling matches. There are several ways that users are enabled to access the content. I was impressed with the video trailer that users are provided with for free on arrival. I used this trailer to check out the content in a flash. There is no elaborate search tool but navigation is fast and easy on the platform. Ultimate Surrender is a brainchild of Kink network. You are presented with pure non-scripted sex wrestling performances that make for a perfect fetish entertainment.

The wrestling matches are well organized with an array of awards lined up for winners. There have been about 12 seasons so far. There are clear records and statistics that show how the games have been running. If you are up to wild sex adventures, you will have a great treat on Ultimate Surrender. There is also a mobile site especially tweaked for mobile and Tablet users. I could access the content from my Smartphone with relative ease. The loading is impressively fast. Users can stream videos in a variety of formats or download as much as they wish. The videos are crisp, clear stuff that makes you want to watch for hours on end.

Girls & Content

If you have a thing for lesbian sex, you are presented with a unique fetish that incorporates hot lesbian action featuring girls in sexy wrestling matches. Meet Holy Heart in a sizzling wrestling duel with Mona Wales. She is eventually fucked by Mona is a steamy sex encounter that culminates is erotic noises as the referee watches in amazement. In yet another wrestling duel, Mia and Lisa vow to screw Juliette on stage. The match unfolds with the three girls seemingly innocently intent on competing. However, the cuties soon turn tables on Juliette and begin to finger her with relish and zeal that culminates in explosive orgasms.

I loved the interracial scenes in which some fairly petite white women wrestle down strong-looking black cuties motivated by the desire to get down with them and suck their cherries. They indeed get to inject lots of emotions in these hot cuties who give in to the unrelenting wrestling skills of the smaller girls. The black hotties spread out wide for the girls to have a good bite at the pink cherries between their legs. There are over 740 videos to check out on Ultimate Surrender. Each of the flicks plays for up to 40 minutes. The files are available in MP4, WMV, and Flash Player formats. If you prefer your porn in still photos, catch up with an equal number of galleries that contain a whopping 200 pics per set.


Ultimate Surrender is laid out impressively with a host of models that provide exclusive content for users. There are high-quality videos on the platform too. There is a whopping amount of content that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Sex wrestling is a unique theme that kept me hooked for pretty long on Ultimate Surrender.

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