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Lingerie has a certain impact on those who sees them, especially when ladies wear them with a gorgeous and jaw-dropping body. There are those who get turned on just by the thought of women who are half naked or those who have clothes that are barely there. WivesInPantyhose is a porn site that will cater that specific craving or fetish that the audience has. They have beautiful ladies who finger themselves or play with dildos and vibrators in front of the camera. With over 60 high definition videos, you will be able to get unlimited access to this unique site.

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This site has been in business since 2005 and they have fulfilled the wildest fantasies of their subscribers. The porn site is under Reality Kings which is one of the best pornography networks in the porn world; they deliver high-class outputs and only show the most outstanding performances by their stunning models. The site alone has about 60 high definition videos and a hundred high-resolution pictures, not only are their videos available for streaming, but it is also available for download as well and you can transfer the file to your device. It can be converted into different formats such as MOV, AVI and MP4, they are compatible with Iphones, Ipads, Android Phones, laptops and more. Once you become a member of the site, you will be able to see the other high-quality porn videos that are under Reality Kings such as Squat on the dick, down on the dick, booty to the banks, nailed it, river juices, so delightful and many others. They also have about 60 gorgeous girls who will make your prick hard in an instant. The site also comes with a 24/7 customer service support line that you can contact if you have any questions or concerns.


Girls & Content

WivesInPantyhose features lonely and horny housewives who love to get their pussies filled. They have exclusive videos of these lovely ladies, one of them is Jackie who wears white panties and white stockings to match, she lays on her bed and spreads her legs like a professional and just starts rubbing her clit like no one is watching, she inserts her dirty long fingers into her tight, wet hole and proceeded to pump herself until all her lady juice came out. Bailey is a blonde beauty that will make you hard just by looking at it; her favourite red and pink lingerie matches her hotness and her thirst for some action. To spice things up a bit she sat on top of the kitchen counter and did her deed right there, she faced the wall so that her round ass and her wet pussy is facing the camera, she then started fingering herself from behind, showing the viewers every single detail of herself- fuck, she moaned, whimpered and screamed until she reached her climax, all of her cum sprayed on the clean tiles of the counter.

Michele is one fierce bombshell as she sits on her couch and licks her breasts all for the pleasure of the viewers of the site, she then starts touching her pussy and rubbing her clit as she holds on to the armrest for support, the camera then focuses on her vagina as she takes in two longer fingers and rams her tight pussy with it. India is a busty vixen who will agree to anything that will make her cum, thus she wears a pantyhose that is open on the most important parts, like her ass and her chocolate pussy. She slowly rubs herself as she looks at the camera, smirking. She then parts her wet lady part showing us her pre-cum and she then inserts her long, beautiful finger inside it as all her juices spill, her moans are enough to make you want to be a part of the whole thing and to be the one to do it yourself. She then starts rubbing her erect nipples and squeezing her well-rounded breasts as she tries to maintain a steady pace. She goes on all fours and gave us a view from the back, she then inserted two long fingers and she quickens her pace, make her moan louder and pant, a few more seconds and out came her cum, sticky and wet. She then gave a quick smile at the camera as she gets a taste of her hard work. These are just some of the action that you will be able to view on WivesInPantyhose once you sign up as a member of the site, all of the videos are in high definition and is in best quality and it will satisfy you, guaranteed.



Fetishes are something that all of us have, and sometimes we go out of our way just to be able to satisfy them and to be able to get by. There are those who love a good fuck out of a woman who isn’t fully naked and has clothes that are barely there. This is what WivesInPantyhose want to give as a service to all their exclusive members, all the performances of these amateur women who send in their videos from their home while they are alone are at par with those of the professional porn stars. The thought that all these beautiful, lovely ladies are housewives who just wants to have a good time will definitely make your prick hard. They are willing to do all sorts of positions just to turn you on and they are not shy to go all the way and bare it all, well maybe except their pantyhose. The site also offers all of their videos in downloadable formats for they know how intense and addictive all their videos are. The pictures posted on the site are all high resolution and the sizes can be adjusted depending on what you want and what you need.

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