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If you happen to be a fan of high-quality amateur content, but you have not been able to get some juicy action lately, you should check out the site Beaver Hunt. This is one of the top tier amateur websites that is home to not only images and videos but also spicy interviews that will make you go wild in no time. The site has been around for quite some time and it has been putting up some amazing content to turn you on and make you horny. And did we mention that the site has been created by the famous Hustler magazine? You can expect quality to live to up the standards set by Hustler and you will be able to get quite an experience that is just too good to pass on. If you want to check out all of the content that is on offer, then head straight to the tour page of the site where you will be able to get all that you need to know about the site. You will not only be able to get all of the hot action from the site itself but also plenty of content right from Hustler’s other network pages as well to add to the brilliant package of fine-tuned content. You will be able to find about 800 videos and over a couple hundred image galleries on the site which are just amazing. The sheer amount of content that has been put up in so less time is highly impressive. The women who are featured in all of the scenes are very beautiful and they have been doing a tremendous job when it comes to putting up some high-quality action on the site. It seems Hustler does a great job of putting up only the best of videos that have been submitted to make sure that you get the best possible experience. You will also love to know that they have been very consistent with the updates and they make sure that you always get fresh content each week so expect the amount of content that you get to grow over the months of your subscription to make you keep coming back for more and more. The people who work behind the scenes also put up interviews of the models who are part of the site to help you get to know them better. The beauty of the site is that anyone can be featured in it as long as the content is good enough to live up to Hustler standards. Beaver Hunt is most definitely a website that you need to check out if you are a fan of high-quality amateur content. Overall the site’s content is top notch and you will be able to get some amazing content from it if you sign up. If you want to become a member then you can head to the sign-up page where you will be asked to fill up a simple form and be sure to hit in the ticks for all of the bonus content so that you get maximum value for money out of your membership and get an unmatched experience!

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The amazing and high-quality web interface of Beaver Hunt is just brilliant and it’s just as good as the videos and images itself, the overall videos and images browsing experience are just too easy thanks to the pool of features. The amazing and easy to use design is accompanied by a large set of features of the page is simply the best when you compare it to other stuff that you might get used to and you will be blown away by how well designed the pages are. You will not be able to find ads or other kinds of disruptions, that might cause disruptions while you are streaming all of the content that you want to see. There is hardly anything to worry about when it comes to finding your videos and images as thanks to the wide range of features to get the best possible action. The videos and images that are present on the site can be downloaded or viewed; at Beaver Hunt is very easy to navigate around thanks to the wide range filters and other tools you can also simply use the search tab to find videos and images that you need to see. The videos and images quality is just too good to pass one and the tools that are provided are also very easy to use and great and you can use the universal account details to use all of the network websites at one go. Since all of the other sites that you get access to belong to the same network as Beaver Hunt so you can find websites that are on offer from them so you will be able to login to all of the network sites at one go using the website portal.

Girls & Content

Overall the site is just amazing when it comes to the videos; the fact that you will be able to get around 800 videos and hundreds of high-quality amateur images right from the production house of Hustler at Beaver Hunt is just amazing. All of the content is available in high definition so you will be able to get quite an experience when it comes to quality. The women come from all over the world so you will be able to have a varying experience and get a well-rounded set of images and videos.


The content that is on offer at Beaver Hunt is just too good to pass on and you will be able to get a comprehensive porn watching experience that is just too good to pass on. The site has been around for quite some time and it has the experience to know what the audience needs, they have been putting up some truly high-quality content that you do not want to miss out on.

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