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CumaholicTeens is a site featuring fresh chicks who either love a cum facial or ask for their guys to shoot their cum inside their mouths so that they can swallow. That is how they are and this is what you will see in CumaholicTeens. To make it more vivid, these models are super fresh – skin so creamy and wrinkle-free. They are new to the porn business, but if you can see the way they move and act, you will never think that they are newbies in the adult entertainment world. These fresh models of CumaholicTeens are all Caucasians with blonde, red and brunette hair. Some of them are still studying and this side of them at CumaholicTeens is a secret while others are the rebellious and naughty type – not the goody-two-shoes. If you are a member of CumaholicTeens, you will surely enjoy how these beautiful ladies swallow and get fucked. Think about workaholic, only change the first few letters and these ladies are – CUMaholic. Do you get the meaning? They are “addicted” to sperm!

CumaholicTeens is not an amateur site. The films in this niche are not user submitted. Each video is carefully planned out with a story, a script, and a director. Of course, each video on this site is produced by a certain studio and company. CumaholicTeens belongs to the TeenCoreClub Network. The videos on this site are all in high definition. Each clip displays a very great viewing quality which every viewer can commend. CumaholicTeens is very exclusive – for members only. The content on this site can be watched only by those who have registered as a member. If you are not a member, you can only view some photos and a short trailer.

There are no advertisements on the home page, except for the other sites being handled by the network responsible for CumaholicTeens. This network, called TeenCoreClub Network, has 46 other websites under their care. And the sweetest thing about being a member of CumaholicTeens is that you will be able to access all those TeenCoreClub Network sites. Sign up for one website and be a member of 47. Not only that – you, as a member, will also be able to access the sites at Jerk-Off Pass – one membership for the two networks! You will have full access to all of these websites and you can watch all the videos 24/7 without any limits. With a network so large, updates on its websites are at least twice a day. There is always something new, not only in CumaholicTeens but also the network itself, which you as a member will be able to view.

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If you ask any person who has a membership to adult entertainment sites, they will tell you three things: features, content and web design. You have to watch out for these three and your membership is well worth it. As for CumaholicTeens, they have tons of features. The network, including CumaholicTeens, has 918 models. The videos in the archive of TeenCoreClub are more than 2,000. It means that your membership to CumaholicTeens will open this collection for you. All in all, it is 8,200 gigabytes. Yes, massive.

The photos available on the network for viewing are around 621,000. How’s that for features? You can also expect updates from the network, at least, 2 to 3 each day. But, that’s not all. Being a member of CumaholicTeens and TeenCoreClub network means that you will also be a member of Jerk-Off Pass Network. Jerk-Off manages more than 30 websites. Some of these websites are SchoolBusChicks and NeverDoneThatBefore. The content in CumaholicTeens is very exclusive. It cannot be seen or viewed in full anywhere on the net except for its network and affiliates. All the content – the films and videos – can be downloaded too.

The live streaming is fast without any hassle. There is no search bar on the websites, but as for layout, everything is there on the page. Just point and click. CumaholicTeens can be used via the desktop and mobile version. CumaholicTeens and its network, TeenCoreClub, are all about fresh chicks. You will not find mature women here. What you will see are a group of ladies who are so new and yet very sexually experienced. They love it soft and hardcore. They can even handle monstrous cocks.

Girls & Content

The ladies in CumaholicTeens are fun, beautiful and very innocent looking. But, do not let their looks fool you. Take for instance, Laura. She is one of the most recent models of CumaholicTeens. If you will see her, she is wearing a short pink skirt, a dark pink midriff and colorful sandals. Her blonde hair is done in pig tails. She even has braces! She is very endearing. But, don’t judge a book by its cover. She loves to eat cock and be fucked in every position. She even wants a cum facial.

Let’s talk about Allie. She is a bit chubby, but you know how sexy a woman can be with all the curves, right? So, Allie, armed with her brunette hair, hello kitty pink skirt and yellow sleeveless top, she asks to be banged at the behind. Allie loves anal penetration and eats the cock too. Her tits are so lovely in her perkiness. Allie is just amazing. Allie and Laura are just two of the fresh models in CumaholicTeens. You have to explore the other ladies (all 916 of them) – you will never regret it! Be a member first to do so. The videos are in really exceptional quality. All are in HD. Very clear. The scenes are shot with a professional tone. Everything is in top quality.


It is very exciting to see fresh girls who know how to have an orgasm. Men and women alike would love to fuck a hot bod and before fucking them, it would be really nice to play with them a bit. As they are fresh, they really love to play. This is what you will witness in CumaholicTeens. These ladies are dependent on sex. It is like drinking water for them. It has to be done every day, multiple times a day even.

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