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GayStarNetwork is a website that features some hardcore gay action, something the fans of twinks or older studs and everyone in between will love. The content is very varied that makes the site very entertaining to watch.

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The moment you enter the website you are greeted with a warning sign asking those under the age of majority not to enter. Once you click enter you are taken to the landing page of the website. The website features a simple, easy on the eye white background with images of videos on the foreground with red text. Videos can be favorited so each video is shown with sometimes it has been favorited by the users. The site has categories to choose from like most popular pornstars to featured pictures. It has buttons on the landing page – videos, pictures, Gaystars, Studios, DVDs, sites, live and reviews.

Reviews page has different reviews of the DVD movies so that it is easier for the users to pick and choose what they would like to see. Studios menu lets you see which companies are involved in the making of the videos and so you can specifically choose whose company’s videos you would like to see. The pictures and Videos are pretty much self-explanatory. The live button, however, transports the user with a one on one chat with a gay pornstar or model and have fun directing the model what to do and what not to do if he wants to avail the service.

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The flash player is amazing. You can jump to any scene whenever and it runs smooth as butter. They even offer filmstrip capability, slide the menu bar here and there, pick your favorable scene or position and click there, voila you will be able to see it there and then for your viewing pleasure. The website features over 869 male models for the users to have fun with The site has many videos, that is over 1311 scenes each that are full-length videos, that last up to 20 minutes at a stretch! The site features 207 galleries with 50 pictures in each gallery when you count the sister websites as well on the network. The videos are of good quality for the visitors to view.

GayStarNetwork has a biography page where there are particulars of the pornstars like age, height, hair color, interests, etc. You can even get a chance to get in touch with them if you please because they have mentioned their twitter handle, facebook account and other social networking links! So this makes it quite a plus feature for the website. All the videos can be streamed in-browser via Flash, or downloaded in various formats. The videos are in HD that is – 1600×1200. On mobile devices, GayStarVideos does very well. The videos align perfectly to your screen for viewing pleasure, the icons are very well visible, even the favorites are shown and you can navigate to other categories by using the sidebar there on the left pane of your window. The videos run very well, just a few seconds of buffer and if you have a slow internet connection you can skip to the better parts of the video by going through the film strip navigation option!


If you are looking for some awesome Hardcore Gay porn videos then this is the site for you to join and be a part of. GayStarNetwork offers a wonderful array of top-notch gay pornstar videos and live sessions and what not.

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