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I know you’re probably wondering what hot legs and feet have got to do with steamy sexual encounters. Well, they have everything to do with it. If a good pair of legs has never gotten you off before, then you will be delightfully surprised about what HotLegsandFeet has to offer. It is a foot fetish site that features beautiful women with seductive legs that do not quit. They suck their toes, give fellatios and tease you with their elongated limbs for dire pleasure. Their legs are capable of doing everything from holding on too long cocks to rubbing them to a silly cum. Stockings are their best friend, especially because they know that they can wear them in any way to please you. The site was established in 2001 and with so many years of existence, it has been able to deliver the best movie scenes without any apologies. It would not be a dependable entertainment portal if it did not comprise of thousands of scenes. HotLegsandFeet has 2,400+ scenes that will all bring you ultimate entertainment. The site also has an equal number of galleries to ensure that you get the eye candy that you deserve.

Under the DDFCashNetwork, you should always expect the best. HotLegsandFeet features all exclusive scenes that comprise of solo action, hardcore encounters, and numerous lesbian sex scenes. Through all the action, the legs are the focal point of faces and the cameramen make sure that you know this. This also means that the site has the strictest of requirements on the types of girls that it chooses. They have to be freaky, beautiful and their legs have to be just right to crown the action. Although the site is called HotLegsandFeet, this is not the only kind of action that it focuses on. The legs may make a play, but the site has a lot more in store for you than what you may hope for. It is totally normal to be full of expectations because HotLegsandFeet will not under deliver. The site may qualify as a mainstream porn site because it features different porn action. As a POV fetish site, HotLegsandFeet does not slack either. All porn lovers prefer sites with plenty of content and HotLegsandFeet is not one to under deliver.

There are a large number of scenes and a dependable update schedule which guarantees all members of about two to three new movies per week. The content only represents high-quality standards that the site is known to cherish. After all, quality only begets quality. Members of the site will be delightfully pleased with the HD content that HotLegsandFeet is known to offer. The action is hardcore and you will find it riveting and eye catching at all times. On this site, you will be able to learn how to bring that extra sauce into your bedroom. HotLegsandFeet can be well-described with every word that starts with the letter E; it is elite, exquisite, epic, extravagant, exotic and excessive in all the right ways. I had no idea that legs could be this sexy and attractive. It took me signing up to this site to realize what I had been missing.

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HotLegsandFeet is a site that has been presented with a lot of class. The presentation is quite admirable but for a site of this caliber, you should not expect any less than this. The member’s area is filled with previews that have perfectly captured the sporadic action. Everything is in its right place and with such a modern design, you will find it hard to know where to start your tour from. The site’s features are fully functional. However, the search may be a little hectic sometimes because the category specific search results may be somehow inconclusive. At the top of the site, you will be able to see a slideshow of the content that HotLegsandFeet has to offer. In case you want to explore further, the model index will unveil more information about the site. There are also links to the latest updates, live chat features and a dating platform for members who want to take things to the next level.

Girls & Content

The performers on HotLegsandFeet are a breath of fresh air as many foot fetish sites have lost direction as far as showcasing the best girls in the business. There are familiar faces that you have seen before and hundreds of new ones that you will have a great time making acquaintances of. The variety that HotLegsandFeet provides ensures that everything member has something to suit their fancy. All the ladies are gorgeous and if looking at them would get me paid, I would have more money than the bank can hold. There aren’t performers who are not worth checking out, they each bring something individual to the site. These hotties are often rated by the site’s members and their opinions of them are usually spot on. The kinkier they are, the higher rating that they get.

Not all models will be your cup of tea, but these are the ones who are seemingly surprising. It is such a joy to watch them perform. The diversity of the girls is not really to die for because you will hardly see any Latino or ebony girls in action but for the most part, these girls are truly brilliant. The juiciness of their legs cannot go unnoticed. They ensure that these legs of desire are always adorned in sexy outfits and they use them to display their cock sucking and ball rubbing talents. Sometimes, they will simply suck their toes to get you off and cum you will be my friend! They are talented in exploring their bodies and serve you on a plate of perfection and stimulation. When they assume positions that often prove extraordinary for you, you will give them the respect that they deserve.


HotLegsandFeet is a winner in reintroducing an old fetish in an outstanding way. The heat and loveliness that the site boasts of are more than you can occasionally enjoy. If you sign up, you can be sure that you will be part of a platform that will have you wrapped around its ‘’sole’’ of sex appeal for years to cum… I mean, come. No pun intended.

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