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Girlfriends here, girlfriends there, girlfriends everywhere. Yes, most of the porn sites have some girls on them, and deal with sex and blowjobs, cumshots and whatnots, but, none of the sites can boast with the pure, raw content that a person could find on ICumGFs, where amateurs add their own videos of cumshots, facials, cum eating and other kinky stuff that you could expect from cock hungry girls and horny boys that would never miss out on the chance to cum in their girl’s mouth.

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The setting of this site is incredible. The home page has a beautiful blue, bubbly background, yet it falls out of focus when you notice the huge collage of images, of girls eating cum and having cum on their bodies, to be precise. That collage is enough to make anyone join, but should one need more convincing, just by scrolling down, you could find yourself in a world of pleasure, a lot of videos would await you, should you join. For those who are picky, they would get a lot of perks after joining and would be able to see more previews on the home page. The site is user-friendly, as it helps you find the videos you crave for, and it does indeed prove that it is a great choice, due to it having no lag at all. You are also able to enjoy the mobile version of the site, from the comfort of your armchair, or anything else that you prefer.

Girls & Content

Though this site deals with amateurs and the content are user-submitted, that does not make it any less compared to the professionals, quite the opposite. It makes the content stand out even more, because it is raw and real, unlike most of the porn movies, whose action you could anticipate without even having to think. Such repetitiveness you will not find in these videos, simply because they are uploaded by the users themselves, people who love fucking and love to share it. What you will get to see are orgasms, cum and facials, as many as you would like.

The girls are different, so they will take their cum differently. Some prefer it in their mouths, warm and soothing so that they could eat it all up, while other prefer it in their pussies or asses, or just on their bodies, the boobs or the stomachs being the dominating areas. Oh yes, some prefer it all over their butt cheeks, especially after having it done doggy style. You should know that in every one of the videos, you are likely to see cum, and a lot of it, too. Yes, the site is not named after the male orgasm without reason.

The quality of the videos does vary as well as the content, too, depending on the users themselves. Sometimes, the videos would be full HD, shot very well, while at other times, you would just see videos shot with regular mobile phone cameras. Though the site indeed does have perks, and you will love them as you get 12 more sites upon joining, all regularly updated so that you have much porn in the end.


Amateurs from everywhere submit their videos daily, and they are really kinky, not shying away from any cumtastic challenge. Cum is the name of the game, and a lot of it is present on this site, in the mouths of the kinky girls, who are ready to eat it all up as soon as they get hold of it.

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