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When we hear the word ‘Idol’ we usually think of celebrities who have done awesome things in their field. So when I came across with this site called Idols69, I was quite intrigued with their name. I thought these guys must be that right to call their website ‘idols’ so I took a quick tour and this site never failed me. Girls, girls, and more girls from the Land of the Rising Sun flooded my screen and man, these ladies are beautiful looking and I can say they’re simply one of the best there is in Asia! The word idol fits for a title and they promise you more once you become a member.

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Uh yeah, like what I said earlier, my screen was full of images of their sample videos of hot Japanese girls being penetrated in each of their happy holes in every way a man can think of! The layouts and color schemes are cool to the eye and a very inviting. Images of the sample videos are with amazing clarity and I believe are HD in value. Navigation is very user-friendly with all the tabs readily lined up on the uppermost part. The good old friend search bar is always ready to. And as their porn site promised, they’ll be updating their videos almost every day, so expect fresh Oriental meat daily! Most are exclusive content from this site and it is assured that you won’t be seeing these videos from other porn sites. As of now, they’ve got a collection of almost 3,500 DVD titles with a dick shattering 1,000 minutes of play time for each! Man, you’ll be all juiced out before you finish watching. Downloads are also OK and you can download multiple clips or the entire movie. You can also have it in different formats. With pictures, they’ve got a lot amounting to almost 450 galleries with 100 photos for each set. They vary from full-screen pictures to screen captures, but the latter’s got the most numbers. Downloading is also possible as ZIP. You also get to have additional features, like the live chat, model’s index, and a hefty share of bonus sites and I believe it’s around 22.

Girls & Content

Yes fellow pervs, here we are again where I tell you my experiences watching their videos. As for my first offering, I saw this video where this girl who’s pretty faced, and fine skinned with a large set of mammals. The guy on the video was already doing a good job mashing the girl’s boobs. Her boobs are still around, nipple’s tone is almost the same as her skin, and not yet sagged. Next scene was the girl was giving some slow but nice cock sucking to the guy until it jizzed inside her mouth. But the girl didn’t stop there. She still continued swallowing the guy’s every inch while cum is coming out of her mouth. She was then made to stand up and turn around, and the man aimed for her pussy and slowly inserted his hard woody inside her moist shaven twat. At first, she was fucked slow but hard, until the dude turned it up a notch and banged the girl hard enough that her body was shaken with every pound. You’ll also notice her big boobs dangling as well. The girl was screaming with pleasure right before the video ended. Here’s another one. The couple is both wearing student uniforms, but the guy student is quite middle aged already and will not pass as a student. Nice try bro, but not good enough. He’s making fun of the girl for wearing glasses. The girl was cute with long hair, and a nice smooth pair of thighs. As the teasing continues, the guy removed her glasses which made her mad and gave the dude one crisp slap on the face. They even slow mode that scene. The clip jumped to the scene where the girl was strapped to a chair, both arms and legs spread-eagled. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was pulled down showing her blossoming boobs with puffy nipples. She’s already crying while another guy joined in and started fingering her. Started with one, then with two until three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. Faster and faster it went until she squirted quite an amount of her juice while having some ‘sexual seizure’. The two guys unstrapped her and changed her position and this time, they’ll be making her do a doggy. As soon as they finished strapping her on the chair, one of the guys slowly shoved his hard fuckstick inside the girl which made her scream. But the scream didn’t last that lost as the other guy stuffed his cock into her mouth. Now that she’s being fucked on both ends, she’s got nothing left to do but to take every simultaneous banging that these two perverts are doing to her. The fucking went on for quite some time until the guy inside her mouth squirted cum into her mouth while the other dude followed moments later. The girl was focused close enough by the camera guy showing her twat flowing with gooey white cum and to her face where her tears and the dude’s cum mixed. The girl was seen having shivers after her sadistic ordeal.


Well, what can I say? This porn site has fucking nailed it! Regarding the number of videos, images, and the frequency of updates, they passed with flying colors. Video quality is mostly in HD and you won’t experience any playback problems when you download them. Images are also of fine quality and clarity not to mention that most of them are just screen caps. And what’s amazing where the added features like the live chat. Now try resisting that my friends!

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