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Hey man, I’ve just stumbled upon this site called Inflagranti. I thought, hey it was just another porn site, but then when I surfed around its website… dude, this is something else! They don’t follow the usual categories other Porn sites do, and the site’s design is just super radical, and get this, the girls in their sex scenes are all German! The hell! You don’t usually get German porn that often these days. But this site is just full of them! I can’t get enough of it! So I did a little background check and just found out that this site has been in the porn business since 1997! Talk about veteran! The fact that they’ve been that dedicated since almost 10 years ago, only proves that they’ve mastered the art of porn over all other sites that just started! I’ve been visiting a lot of porn, but I can sense that this site is different. But here’s another fun fact that would totally give you something to share with the guys over a drink or two. This site just started by accident! I know!!!! It’s fucking crazy! These bunch of dudes just kinda did a sex video in their home and then Wam!!! Got leaked and became super popular. Now it became a major porn site and had one the number one spot in all of the Germany as the Best German Porn! Why don’t we go ahead and take a look?

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Entering the website’s domain is amazing. They totally designed the site with such amazing fashion. Fully flash animated with a lot of fun surprises too! The theme color is a fresh mix of red, black and white. But what you will surely notice once you’re inside Inflagranti is the super awesome video that’s playing at the homepage! It just automatically plays when you enter their site and just shows off a bunch of its scenes for your enjoyment. This awesome German porn they’re portraying at the homepage is amazing. You can see the lust in the women’s eyes as their getting rammed so hard. You will also notice the many different locations they shoot, but we’ll save the talk about videos for later. In the site, you’ll see that there are up to four major pages. It’s the Videos, Pornstars, Photos, and last but not the least, the Niches page. We’ll only be talking about the Pornstar page and the Niches page since the other two are quite self-explained. The reason why I’ll be giving a slight review about the Pornstar’s page is that I would like to point out the amazing animated flash feature they have here. When you hover your mouse over the pornstars, they enlarge. Yeah, cool right? You can also arrange the Pornstars from Top 10, or latest released, or from the Most viewed. Now let’s head over to the cream of the crop! The Niches page. In this page, you’ll be given a unique set of categories. When you hear Porn Categories, what usually comes to mind are “Amateurs, Redheads, Asians etc.…”, but since this is a purely German Porn site, they innovated a new set of categories for their stars. The categories show AllPopp or Hopp, Public Sex in Berlin, German Pornstars, Wives from Germany, German Fetish Freaks, German Lesbians, Dominatrix of Germany, Gangbang Germans, and Machine Fuckers. Let me just say these categories are just plain awesome. My personal favorite is the Dominatrix. You’ll understand why I love it once you’re a member. All I can say is that even girls know hardcore too. Moving on, maybe you’re not the laptop or computer type of guy, and would just like to enjoy the porn on your mobile phone or tab. I sense you might be a little worried because after I mentioned all the high-tech stuff they did on their website, it might have gotten you thinking “can my phone handle this” well the answer to that is yes. Inflagranti has designed a mobile version of their site that is fully optimized to support all mobile devices that could connect to the internet and watch videos. Hat’s off to them!

Girls & Content

The girls in Inflagranti are just flawless my friends. These girls have that fucking action star beauty you see like Angelina Jolie. You can see the fire in their eyes while they wait for you to click their links! Once you see them get fucked, you’ll know that you’ve found the site! Some scenes include threesomes, gangbangs, fetishes and a lot more. But this site also has a lot of fucking hardcore moments at the climax of their videos! Trust me when I say this, you won’t have to see another video again after seeing what this site has for you! Dude, this site can single-handedly devour you alive as you watch how these girls are getting drilled. The porn quality is top-notched too. The downloads are unlimited and reliable as well.


If I were you, I’d hurry up and register on their site right now. But if you want to stay a while and hear the verdict, then I won’t stop you. Well, I can’t so, makes no difference, anyway, this site has perfected every element a porn website has to improve. They have mastered the art of giving you that climax hardcore moment you’ve been aching to see on every video. All in all, this site is a monster porn site. If you had to choose between this site and any other site out there, I’m telling yah, the choice is not that hard. Maybe it’s not surprising since this site has been around for almost 10 years now, you can say that experience had paid off. If I were to rate this site, this would easily get the perfect score from me. No more, no less!

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