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This site’s dedicated to sex addicts who prefer live interaction with the models. Livejasmin has been around since the early 2000’s (I think around 2002? or 03?) and since then has been hosting nearly half a million webcams. One can start a free chat session with whoever is online without any registration or something, but getting your chat mate to be naked is a different story. Reality and soft porn are just two of my favorites so let’s take a more in-depth look into this eh?

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Upon entering the site it’s pretty well-made color schemes are just perfect (well for me it is since I love red), you can navigate the site with ease and preferences are already categorized from the girl, matures, fetishes, boys to transsexuals which is under the boys category. There were around 400 models that were online during my tour and I find it difficult to choose because most of the models are like pretty dolls posed in a seductive manner. You can also check their profiles and basic info when you try to click on one of them. I also noticed that webcam quality on free chat are quite slow compared to the paid ones and I think they’re on a Flash player now. You can also choose the screen size of your preference and in terms of audio, some do have sound while some have not. Well, that is for the free chat. But for the paid chat’s webcam, most of them have sound and you can choose to have audio or not with just a click of a button. Another feature is you get to choose if you want them to see your webcam or not. I must say, this porn site was pretty well-made.

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Man, there are so many to choose from here! I’m not sure if the ladies here are amateurs or not but it doesn’t matter, is it? I hovered over the cursor on a model’s image and a live feed will show up for a good couple of minutes. I started with KandiJhanel, black haired, voluptuous body, a perfect pair of round, bouncy tits and with a very pleasing personality. She was wearing a black babydoll lingerie matched with black two-piece undies underneath. I tested if she’s live. I asked her to wave on cam and give a flying kiss for me…and she did with a sweet smile on her face. I messaged her with sweet compliments on how perfect her boobies are. She then wiggled those nice jugs of hers and gave me quick peek of her rosy nipples. I requested to do it some more and she didn’t fail me. Too bad though that she just went on private already. I struck a bit of luck with this model with a username of Akrivy. Now this girl is like an angel with perfectly white skin, long slender legs and a very juicy set of mammas! She’s not that responsive though (She just answered back a couple of times.) It already made me feel that I’m a paying member already because she’s already naked, thighs wide open, and her pussy’s stuffed with a vibrator. She just waved on cam and began reading some messages. She puts up a smile from time to time and you can tell that she’s reaching her climax because she trembles like she’s having a seizure, thanks to her vibrator that’s perfectly stuffed inside her moist pussy. She then stood up and began doing some sexy dance. I asked her to come closer and play with her boobies, which she did and pressed her vibrator on her pinkish nipples. She then stuffed it back inside her “glistening portals of her womanhood” before she continued some more of that hot number until she had another sexual seizure indicating her climax. I just can’t get enough of this site so I clicked one more model. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get her username but this girl came well prepared. She’s a blonde, fine-skinned lady with tits of decent size. I don’t know what it is inside her room, but there’s some machine with a dildo on the end and thrusts back and forth giving that feel that you’re being banged. She was doing the act by the time I entered her chat room. She was in a doggy position while that machine always bangs her. She was not typing at all during the entire course of my stay there. She just spoke when someone asks her. What’s amazing was she can control the speed of that machine on how she likes to be fucked. I like the part where she was fucked fast and then slows down, but the thrusts are hard that it shooks her. She lubricates her pussy from time to time with saliva when she feels it’s getting quite dry. I just watched her do her thing while I do mine. I was planning to check on one more, but I thought I had enough for today.


Livejasmin is one of the porn sites to be if you’re after live interaction and has a feel that you’re in command. You’re in for a ride with this one since it’s been around for quite a while in the porn world. Layouts are impressive, very user-friendly navigation with sexual niches already categorized, what more can you ask for right? What is also commendable are their models. Most if not all of the models are friendly (based on experience) and cheerful and even though they’re not yet on a private chat with a member, they’d still entertain you as if you’re a paying member. Whether they answer or not on chat, it’s still okay as far as you see bouncing boobies, beautiful faces with equally bodacious bodies, you really can’t complain about that. Livejasmin is indeed one hell of a live cam site!

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