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Neck all sore and stiff from a hectic day at work? Give yourself a break and get a sensual massage! But hey, if you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re in need for something more intense. Why not make the massage experience a lot sexier and raunchier with a whole load of femdom action? At MeanMassage there’s plenty of hardcore rough-and-tumble action as a slew of sexy and naughty masseuse get down and dirty to give you the cum-exploding pleasure you need after a hard day’s work! The gentlemen at MeanMassage don’t know what’s coming for them until it’s too late and they’re already strapped on a massage table, begging to be rubbed and sucked hard to get the ultimate release. That’s right, this premium adult site features horny Dommes who love to dominate men by giving them a full-body massage and teasing their rock-hard dicks through cum control and delayed orgasms. Sure, they love stroking and squeezing cocks with their well-oiled hands, but they also have a thing for tying up men, denying them an orgasm, and giggling at the sight of brawny dudes pleading and struggling as they crave for a rough handjob. Some lucky folks are allowed to cum though, but not all the chicks at MeanMassage are that generous. MeanMassage isn’t called “mean” for nothing, after all! Want more smutty tug and handjob erotica? No worries! By subscribing to MeanMassage, you’re also given access to a handful of bonus sites in their network. This includes porn sites such as BustyDirect, ClubTug, EbonyTugs, SeeMomSuck, and many more. There’s plenty of fun, cock-milking action for everyone!

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MeanMassage sports a simple yet classy website design, featuring a black and red color scheme. It’s a common scheme among porn sites though, but MeanMassage serves up some nice features to make the overall user experience a lot more convenient. Once you log in to the site, there won’t be much standing in the way between you and their exclusive HD porn content. That’s right, it’s straightforward and there’s not a single sight of an annoying ad! At the top of the page, you’ll find a navigation bar where you can access various parts of the site, including scene requests, updates, and models. What’s more, you’ll also have instant access to some of the other sites in the network so it’s as easy as point and click! Scroll down and you’ll immediately find their latest HD massage porn videos featuring some of their busty and horny Dommes giving tight and oily handjobs to their willing victims. What’s lacking though, is a more detailed description of each of the videos, as well as a few screenshots from the film itself. This would have been a nice addition so viewers will know what they can look forward to in each film. What’s more, there aren’t any advanced search tools to speak off, although they don’t seem necessary at the moment since MeanMassage is a fairly new site that still continues to expand their collection of femdom porn goodness through weekly updates. Yes, there may not be a lot of videos at the moment but the site is growing at an incredibly fast pace so hopefully, the folks behind MeanMassage will do something to make the necessary changes so the whole porn-viewing experience is a lot nicer and more hassle-free. MeanMassage is not only accessible via desktop but is also fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even on PlayStation 3! With such incredible flexibility and accessibility, who needs Netflix and chill? There’s nothing quite like a whole load of immensely pleasurable femdom massage goodness like the ones offered here at MeanMassage.

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The ladies at MeanMassage are all set to give their “massage clients” the time of their life! The unsuspecting victim is first treated to a gentle and relaxing massage but soon after, towels and panties drop on the floor, with oily and nimble hands sliding down the man’s nether region and into his throbbing, pulsating cock. Intense handjobs ensue, coupled with a lot of squeezing and sucking. How the scenes are played out are quite aggressive! I mean, from what I’ve seen of most films in this niche, they are supposed to be aggressive. This horny masseuse will usually tie the man’s wrists and cock to make sure that a record-breaking cumshot happens. At MeanMassage, though, there’s a slightly different approach to all the juicy cock-milking because all the ladies are Dommes who love to do the manhandling the rough and dirty way. There’s a fine mix of professional and amateur models here, and you can choose from busty Latina with their round, plump buns; too sexy and horny ebonies looking for some good cock-handling fun. The femdom angle is as intense as they could be and by the time these feisty ladies are satisfied, they’ll let the guys blow their load and groan with delirious ecstasy. The Domme will tug that hard, throbbing cock so vigorously; you’ll beat your meat at the sight of big boobs bouncing and pussies so wet with desire. Once the dude shoots his load, they explode all over the place, from the lady’s oil-covered hands to her face and tits. At the time of this review, there are close to a hundred exclusive HD porn videos, along with dozens of high-resolution photos that can be downloaded in ZIP files, in medium to high resolution. As for the videos, MeanMassage lets you stream on the web via an embedded Flash player. You can also download all of the videos in full-length MP4 format and clips, with up to 1080p high-definition playback. Once you become a member of MeanMassage, you’ll have access to a roster of bonus websites that highlight more handjob and tugging action such as Over40Handjobs, Ebony Tugs, ClugTub, and more. The cock-milking scenes in these sites may not be as “mean” as the ones at MeanMassage, but there’s a whole variety of films featuring gorgeous models stroking dicks and doing the nasty in many different ways.


There’s plenty of restraints and cussing going around at MeanMassage, and nothing can stop these horny Dommes from having their way with innocent men who just want to relax with a good massage. But hey, what’s there to complain when they’ll experience a cum-splattering happy ending? MeanMassage is like your private spa filled with feisty vixens craving for some hot manhandling where big veiny cocks get teased and brought to the edge before they could spill their slippery seed all over. All of the videos are done with careful attention to details, and with excellent lighting and clarity, too. The models are so hot; you’d crave to be cock milked by their smooth and nimble hands. The films are all gloriously shot in full HD quality, and you can choose to download or stream them – in your PC, mobile device, TV, or gaming console. The photos are just as good and can be downloaded in crisp and clear high resolution. The site may be on the other side at the moment, but thankfully, you have instant access to 8 bonus sites, all of which highlight handjob porn.

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