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On this site, among the videos, you can watch star-on-star scenarios, but it’s not rare when the stars, the experienced blokes show how to do things to guys who just started in this business. The NextdoorStars is one of the newest installations of the NextdoorWorld network, and it features almost all stars of this network. In fact, the site doesn’t have its collection: from the members’ zone; you can reach the same content that the featured guys’ sites offer. You could consider the NextdoorStars as a front, and if you enter, you can enjoy a huge collection, which you can browse comfortably in from the members’ area. Inside, you can access these guys’ videos: Austin Wilde, Samuel O’Toole, Cody Cummings, Marcus Mojo, Mason Wyler, Trystan Bull, Rod Daily and Tommy D., The guys, have their official site in the NextdoorWorld network, but this portal makes it easier to access their videos. In case you like to watch hardcore sex, you will surely appreciate the extras you can get. As part of the NextDoorWorld, the NextdoorStars offers grants you a pass to all other pages. Apart from the eight star-focused portals, you have the chance to enjoy seven niche-driven ones too. These sites offer you regular updates and high quality, and most of the content is exclusive, so it’s a fine deal. When you explore the network sites you will see that there are many hard niches covered, and you can enjoy solo scenes, just as heavy group sex videos too.

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The NextDoorStars has a professional looking portal. The mixed color of a metallic grey and black gives the whole page a shining look which fits an all-stars site. You won’t have any problems navigating through the site, and whether you are in tour mode or you are a member, you will see the same pages. If you wish to take the tour, you are free to do so: you can view preview trailers, the models’ list, the categories and the videos’ lists. If you are inside, you will see the menu on the top, right under the logo of the site. The Home button is evident, just as the Photos, Videos and the “The Guys” buttons. Two interesting options are offered: the Stars where you can pick a star whose videos you want to watch, and you can select a category from the appropriate drop-down. A search engine is also featured, so it won’t be a big fuss to find what you need. You can enjoy these movies in the browser – to do this, you can play them in the embedded player, with a resolution maxing out at 600p (a bit better than the WebHD). Also, HD and Full-HD MP4 files are granted for download.

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In many cases, porn stars are not good-looking at all. For example, many female pornstars look weird with their old face and big bubble tits, and the males aren’t much better: puffed-up guys with unnatural cocks. However, the stars of the NextdoorStars are looking really good. From a gay porn site one would expect only twinks or only those older guys, but here you get a mix of this and that. The models of this portal are sexy, they have nicely built bodies and large cocks, and they like to stick into others’ tight asshole. When you open this site, you will see mostly Caucasian males. As far as we were able to detect, ethnic variety isn’t an existing thing here. After all, it focuses on a few specific porn stars. For example, there is that hot fuck-machine, Austin Wilde, who has a nice body, a fun smile and a big bad cock. He prefers to be top, but on a few occasions, he goes versatile. Another big name to mention is Rod Daily, who prefers to get an ass on the pointy end of his rod daily. He is a kind of porn legend, with a good reputation, and a nice career behind his back. When these professionals are paired up with each other, you can only expect the hottest, sexiest and hardest gay sex you could imagine. Apart from these guys, there are others who look great too, but they are not the oh-so-big stars. The movies of the NextdoorStars are something you should see. The high quality of the picture and the nicely lit stages make the scenes to be good to look at, while on the other what happens on the screen is plain sexy. There are several hardcore niches covered in the videos. One thing we noticed is that there are mostly bareback scenes here, and hardly any of the videos feature condom usage. You will mostly find here one on one scenarios, and though most guys have a position they prefer, in lots of cases they act as versatile guys. If you are looking for some hot teasing, the solo videos will certainly satisfy your needs. These bodies are something you should see, and it’s sure that you will love to shake yours while they shake theirs. Among the collection’s videos, you can find a pretty large number of group scenes. There are threesomes usually, but it’s not too rare when four or more guys are performing in a hard orgy, which leaves gaping assholes and cum-covered bodies behind.


The NextDoorStars has quite a collection. Though it doesn’t offer anything you can’t find on the stars’ own sites, you might like it for the easy navigation. Since the site has a mobile interface too, you can access your favorite’s scenes anywhere, and while you are browsing you shouldn’t forget the other sites you have access to. Considering the price of the membership and the huge collection you get for it, having a pass to the NextDoorStars is not just a nice way to get your share of jerking material, but it’s also a fine deal which you shouldn’t miss.

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