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Nothing beats actual sex, yet there are some porn videos that come close, and of course, I mean those with the first person view, or POV, shortly. I found a site that has some of the juiciest hardcore videos, called POVD, which indeed stands for POV HD, meaning that the videos are really of a good quality, not to mention that the action is high class, too, which got me to an orgasm quickly, and kept me as a loyal member.

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There is quite nothing like a simple design, yet one that is attractive, and effective, above all. I have enjoyed looking at the home page of the site, simply because as soon as you get there, you see a giant window with scenes from a video, which are juicy and taunting, so that you can easily get hooked, without even taking a look at the rest of the site. Speaking of the rest, it is nicely done, as well, having a black background, and many previews on the home page, with directions on how to join, and how to find the video you want to, once you enter the members’ area, of course. That alone is worth checking out, not just the videos. With great guidelines such as these, and the site having no lag at all, getting to see and enjoy the sex is pure pleasure, especially because the site works great on the mobile devices, as well as it does on the desktop computers and alike.

Girls & Content

Once you get to the actual videos, you entirely forget what else you might find on the site, simply because what you see, is so hot and attractive, that taking your eyes off it might be a bigger problem than you would initially think. The very girls are responsible for that, being incredibly hot, with tight bodies and a lust for sex that is hardly found anywhere else. The way that they handle hard dicks is amazing to look at, and being horny comes within the first few seconds of watching a video. With boobs big and not so big, and different hair colors, there is a girl here for everyone, shot in full HD, so that you can see every detail of their beautiful bodies. Since this is done with the first person view, you would usually see the man’s penis, and experience the role through the eyes of a male. That might be a nice change of pace for the ladies, and a thrilling experience for the men, too, simply because the passion and the hardcore have been mixed in such a great way, that getting to an orgasm becomes very easy. I also loved the different approach to sex, some girls preferring pussy action while others just love dicks in their ass. There are those who love cum, so seeing them gobble it all up is not infrequent. By joining, though, you get to download and stream the full HD videos, in different formats, such as MPEG and WMV, and the formats for the IPhone, the BlackBerry, and Android devices, too. The downloads are unlimited, and with so many videos, that keep being added triweekly to the collection, there is a lot of porn for you to see.


Join in the fun of POVD, and you will never regret that decision. For an insignificant fee you get access to a lot of videos, each lasting over 20 minutes, which get updated regularly, along with free and unlimited downloads of the said videos, and not to mention the hardcore, extraordinary full HD sex, filled with passion and tantalizing pleasure.

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