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Our opinion on The Upper Floor


I have not seen more versatile action on the porn scene as what ensues on The Upper Floor. There is a rare version of BDSM that presents you with exclusive porn captured literally on the upper floor of the venue in which the action happens in a building in San Francisco. The girls are calm, sexy hot and attractive.

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The Upper Floor is wrapped in great dark brown and black background hues that give you the feeling of a Box Office Theater. You are presented with lots of content that you can access with a couple of user-friendly tools. Once you land on the homepage of The Upper Floor, you are shown a video trailer that offers a quick view of what transpires. There is a long list of tagged captions spread across and down the home page. A couple of search and sort options are provided. You can use filters to find your movies or photos as you wish. I could check out the content on the platform straight from my mobile phone with ease. The loading is fast while the streaming is just as good as it happens on PC. The mobile tweak adds convenience to the access options on the platform. Users can stream videos in a couple of formats that allow one to resize videos and photos in the browser. You can watch streamed flicks with the versatile Flash Player format that gives you videos in 1080×720 or do so using an equally versatile MP4 Player. Users are provided with several other interactive options for sampling content on the platform. I could check out the live shows and share ideas and comments with the characters on the platform. The Upper Floor management allows users to watch the training sessions as the girls are taken through the BDSM sessions. I loved the scenes in which the girls are enslaved and the mistress shows up in her beautiful skin to tease and titillate.

Girls & Content

I loved the anal sex scenes that feature sexy hot gorgeous girls looking vulnerable and submissive to their mistresses and masters while they are drilled deep in their assholes and stimulated by the mistress on the other hand. These girls have a good reason to groan and heave with pleasure when they are in the hands of their experienced mistresses. They are tied up on bed frames and couches while dressed up in hot sexy stockings and other stimulating accessories. Meet the energetic, buoyant, sexy, attractive and Samantha as she explores the world of dominance sex and pure BDSM. The girl has a tight stubborn hole that requires some expert insertion with the OG anal cherry. She finally opens up to the pleasures of the great sensual and stimulating anal sex. She is completely subdued. She is captured in the element as she is tied with straps, ropes and gagged with a cloth. BDSM never gets more real! All these performances are captured in real life sex encounters in the Upper Floor Studios in San Francisco. The shooting of the videos is professionally done. The images are also greatly captured in close quarter POV type pics. You have over 374 videos to check out on the platform. Each of the videos shows in impressive 55-minute playback on average. If you prefer your porn in still photos, you have a similar number of galleries with over 100 pics per set. You are allowed to download as much as you wish. There is even a zip file available for easy management of your downloaded files.


The BDSM action is unparalleled. You are treated to steamy and raunchy sex scenes that will leave you drooling for long. All the videos are HD quality. Content is updated on weekly basis. The user friendliness adds to the reasons for trying out the download.

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