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I know there are a lot of people out there who favor the pussy over the dick, especially watching them. The shots do not necessarily have to contain a dick or anything else, it is just the pure wet pussy that they are interested in. Me being one of those people, I have looked around and eventually found a site that has content of such kind, called Wet and Puffy, where some of the juiciest, nicest pussies await to be seen.

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The site is designed marvelously, let me tell you that straight away. Since the first second I have laid my eyes on it, I was baffled by the sheer beauty of the design. There is a gigantic slider centering the page as soon as you load it, and guess what, it has pussies in it, and a lot of them. Huge close-ups of the pussies dominate the screen, and you can immediately see the three categories. Puffy Peach, Juicy Cherry and Big Taco, according to the way the pussy looks. There are also previews photos below, changing to highlight that they were taken from videos, along with the name of the model, and the type of her pussy. The actual videos are in the members’ area, where you get by joining the site. Though you must join, I would recommend it, for the perks that you get, and the pussies themselves. You do get for free the extremely speedy browsing and the mobile version of the site, accessible from anywhere, nicely optimized.

Girls & Content

The girls have one thing in common, they are all very beautiful, and charming to a point where you get seduced easily. Let me get one thing straight, you would see a lot of pussies on this site, and they would all be involved in a solo action. Masturbation makes it even more seductive, as the girls give it their all to make the experience pleasurable. Just by watching them undress, I was aroused, to the point where it was hard to me to delay the orgasm, yet I had to, as watching them toy with their titties and pussies is even more enjoyable.

The Puffy Peach is your favorite pussy for camel toe entertainment. The Juicy Cherry is just like a cherry, waiting to be sucked and it is very tasty, too. The Big Taco is just like a taco, waiting to be devoured, waiting to be penetrated by toys, fingers and who knows what else. The girls are also very kinky, not shying away from any toy, from cucumbers to glass bottles. They also love to pee, and that is something that should excite you in a moment. The preview videos are also very seductive, getting you to the point of no return in a flash. I enjoyed the fact that you would get 4 more sites for the price of one, and especially the fact that you would get videos in different resolutions, ranging from HD to Ultra HD.


This site is a natural paradise, waiting for people to get lost inside it. It is very easy to do so, as the content will take you on a special journey, one that will have you in an orgasmic state throughout the whole trip. With ultra HD videos, it is very easy on the eyes to see all the pussies in such a clear picture, and the HQ photos make it even more interesting. With access to 4 more sites, you become the winner by joining this pussy club.

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