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YoungCourtesan is showcasing a classier and defined porn site and superb for people who appreciate a high-quality adult entertainment. It fits the name of the site, it is for the rich and famous players who’re willing to get a night off from their busy meetings. This site featured gorgeous European looking girls who are innocently happy to get paid for a job well done.

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All the videos are shot by professionals and with great angles. The locations are interesting and kinky for users to enjoy. Not like the usual sites, the white bricks on the homepage background give you the ‘courtesan’ and sophisticated feel and previews submissive, sexy and hard-to-resists photos of the girl’s body, no doubt this site keeps it sophisticated and classy feel. This site is mobile friendly and has great access to mobile phones, iPhones, iPad, iPod and Sony PSP for your convenience. The mobile quality is spectacular and user-friendly and you can see the member’s ratings, which helps. The mobile has a simple layout once you enter the site and not as bottomless scrolling as the PC version.


Girls & Content

The girls are mostly European with classy and expensive looks, models that will seduce everything you have. The girls are naive, sexy mistress with sexy lingerie, who will have sex for money with rich and powerful men. This site is doing a great job showcasing all, different girls with different seductive scenes to ‘wow’ your mind. This site is perfect for niche users, who enjoy beautiful and submissive girls. The courtesan has fresh, gorgeous girls with sexy lingerie on basically in every front photo of the video. It is very clever and suitable for their theme and very focused on their specific markets. The girls are mostly passive and classy looking, which ready to feed the user’s dominant ego. They are mostly fresh professionals and seductive sluts. Hey, they are called YoungCourtesans for a reason! Some of the videos are more than 30 minutes, but there are not many videos are there to choose. As the new video has updated recently, (26/06/16) they should update it daily to keep up with others.

YoungCourtesan has been shot professionally. We can see their lightings are professional and the overall videos are in high quality. This site has 610 videos, which is not as huge as other porn sites. They have to keep up with the demands to reach better users.  There are not many image galleries to view either and this site must keep up with the demands they want to make other sites a run for their money! There are 4 types membership plans for the users (1 day, 1 month, 3 months and 12 months). If this site has fit your fetish criteria, it is worth joining the membership as this site caters to a niche market (not like others, which have wide selections of kinks and fetish). This site accepts membership payments via credit cards, Paypal, EU Debit, Ukash and many others.



YoungCourtesan is a platform for a niche market fetish, which excites about sexy, gold digger, classy girls who can seduce your desire. This site is great for people who enjoy quality over quantity scenes. You might give it a try as the monthly membership has similar pricing as others, but with better quality and gorgeous looking girls.

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