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Our Opinion on Ass America


Porn, as it is, stands to lose some customers, as it has been getting pretty much boorish, lately, up to the point where you cannot even get aroused, let alone get an orgasm. That has been pestering me for some time, so I decided to go and find a site with very good content, one that can get me where I want to be. Well, there is one, called Ass America.

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Once you see so many sites, you can get annoyed by their design, or bad optimization, even. Well, in this case, I was astounded, as the site is done in such a simple way, that anyone can use it, yet it retains that esthetical value that you search for in almost everything, especially porn. Now, with a dark blue background, one that is barely visible from all the preview videos, you can rest your eyes as you watch a lot of asses in still images. The one video is playable, and that is the largest one, of course. You can see what lies inside, and those inserts can get a person going, as it is quite hardcore. That is not all, once you join, you get access to a lot, and some of the technical things are sorting options and a search bar, so as not to get lost in the many videos of the site. You might want to, though, as they are very good. The site also has no lag, so that is satisfying, as you get to surf and load a lot, without experiencing any hindrances. That, too, is possible on the mobile phones and other devices, as it is optimized.

Girls & Content

Such nice things await you here, that once you get the technical details, which should take you about a few seconds, you can start viewing the content. Surely, though, once you see the sexy girls and their lust for sex, you will without a doubt have an orgasm, and that is what I can guarantee as I have yet to see anal sex be filmed in such a glorious way. The shots are perfect; you can see every bit of the girls’ asses when they are spread out to fit some of the biggest dicks out there. They scream and moan, and they get orgasms, sure, as this is one of the things that they love the most. Sometimes, they would get facials, and they would drink up all the sperm, like gratitude, although, seeing how kinky they are, you can bet they enjoy that, too. Some of them are in their early to mid-twenties, while others look like they are barely of age. With that in mind, the resolution of the videos is HD, and the details are clearly visible. There are over 200 of anal videos on the side, and more are added daily, though, that is not all. The videos are available for downloading, and you can have as many as you like, provided you have a large enough hard drive. Likewise, you do get a bonus, which is more than 20 site, with different niches, of the same quality, with daily updates.


Now, you can have a lot of things, for the price of one site, and a cheap one, too. Just think about it, 20 or more sites, all of which videos you can download, for free, once you join. That is a lot of porn, and you can start a collection, simply by going to Ass America and joining. The anal paradise is there, waiting for you.

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