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Our Opinion on Dirty Flix


The DirtyFlix is a growing network of sites featuring hardcore sex, usually shot in the style of reality porn. Though it hasn’t been around for so long, the site and its subsites have great content, increasing number and quality. At first glance, we thought that the website just some coming and going portal, but during our inspection we found it to be a secure and stable site. So, the site has been online for 3-4 years, and the portals it collects was created a bit earlier. The DirtyFlix started out with only a few portals, but nowadays over a dozen unique hardcore sites are members of the network. As you will notice there are sites which update weekly, while others follow a monthly schedule. One or two sites are barely updated, but they do receive a flick now and then. The membership on the DirtyFlix will grant you access to more than 10 sites. These portals are focusing on a situation, fantasy, but there are girl-focused and niche-driven sites too. Take the newest site for instance: it’s called BrutalX, and it features rough sex in very good quality. The BrutalX is a few months old, and its scenes are shot in the best possible quality: they are all in 4K Ultra-HD. The other portals also offer nice quality, though their videos usually max out at a 1080p resolution. Some sites, like the TrickYourGF have older flicks, which are available mostly in SD. You won’t find a variety to be an issue on this site, and you have to take note that this is unique content: you can’t watch them on other sites. Apart from the network sites’ content you get some more extras as a member of the DirtyFlix. There are bonus DVDs, live feeds and a few other bonuses which are usually quite regular.

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Well, the tour on the DirtyFlix will be a short one: you can rest your eyes on the quite good quality pictures, but that’s it. So when you have been looking at the pictures long enough, you should head to the enlisting page. Fortunately, the members’ area is nicely done, though the outer page looked a bit more modern. As you log in, you will see the latest updates listed – network-wide list – and you can start playing them right away. On the top, they placed a statistics line, with info about the site’s content. The menu is located a bit lower; it features the usual stuff, and you can reach every aspect of the members’ zone from there. On the videos’ listing page you can use several filtering options; and the girls’ list, the photo library also have some extra options for you. Those who prefer online video watching will be glad to see that most scenes are available in HD from the browser too. The FLV stream is fast, the player loads quickly and responds well. However, the best quality is still obtainable through downloading. You can save the flicks in DRM-free format, and mostly MP4 and WMV files are downloadable. Sets of photos are also available, you can save them or view them, it’s up to you.

Girls & Content

Since the DirtyFlix site is a network’s hub, you will find here a fine variety of models. The basic principle this network follows is that they are providing the horny audience with hardcore porn, and in the videos they feature the hottest girls they can find. The most important source of variety is in the fact that the scenes are coming from the United States and Europe. On sites like the PrivateCastingX or the BrutalX, you can enjoy US-based girls’ pornographic adventures. On the other hand, the MassageX or the TrickYourGF features European porn, with the hottest under-thirty models. As you will see there isn’t much difference between the US girls and the Euro-chick, maybe only the girls of the Old World are not using so much makeup. By the way, if you are experienced in the European online porn, you will recognize some girls and guys too: they are mostly Russians, and they appear in thousands of videos. Ethnic girls don’t appear here. If you are looking for Latinas or Blacks, you may try your luck browsing through the US-based sites. For example, on the PrivateCastingX, you can find some. But, you don’t have to worry. If you like MILFs too, you can find some on the MomsPassion. They are usually Europeans, and they look fantastic since hardly any of them have her breasts upgraded. The DirtyFlix is going for our fantasies, and these videos are rather fit the reality porn niches. They are made in a way that they look like everyday situations, which get down to be plain dirty after a few minutes. Every site/series has its style, and they stick to it, so this way, you can always find them different from the other. For example, the videos of the PrivateCastingX are set up as they were actual fake castings while the MomsPassion is a more sensual site. Also, the geographical differences are also the base for different styles in a shooting. For example, quite strangely the US porn videos don’t feature so much anal sex like the Europeans. On the MassageX, almost all scenes feature backdoor entering, though the whole thing is made to be sensual. The heaviest things are happening on the BrutalX, which is the latest series of the DirtyFlix. On this site, the videos feature heavy hardcore sex, with dirty talk, and an overall rough and angry sex.


The DirtyFlix is a nice porn site. It has several hardcore niches covered, and with the rougher newest site of the network, it has set the standards much higher. We were quite surprised to see that this portal has become so promising. We have been watching it for a time, and now that we have the chance write about it, we realized that it’s aiming for the top. As a member, you get a dozen sites with hardcore content, and you just have to pay the regular one-site price for it.

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