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Join in the fun, as I have discovered one of the best sites that will give the words pleasure and seduction a new meaning. A site dedicated to women seducing you in all sorts of ways, while being softcore, it will make the hardest of porn fans give in and just explode. At Candygirlvideo, I found my new favorite models, especially the way they bring about an aura of innocence while still making you go crazy.

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With a stylish background, filled to the top with photos of women spreading their legs, touching their pussies, their panties driving you mad, or plainly being seductive by themselves, you are welcomed by quite a sight. As I was continuing to scroll through, I noticed a variety of categories, so many, in fact, that I lost count at one point, though what fascinated me, even more, were the models, which were as numerous. The layout allows for a quick switch between anything you desire, the videos being sorted by models, categories, popularity or any other filter that you might prefer, and your browsing experience is just enhanced as you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for what you prefer. The navigation itself is very user-friendly as well, giving you the right speed and no lag whatsoever, something to be praised. When browsing from the comfort of my bed, on my mobile phone, I was delighted to see that the site was optimized, allowing for and even greater viewer’s experience.

Girls & Content

The girls were, as mentioned before, very numerous. That, of course, by itself means nothing, but when I get into the details, you will see my point of view. With as many types as you like, from blonds, brunettes, redheads, and all other colors you prefer, they also come in different ages, such as very adorable and tight, or mature enough to know all the dirty little secrets to seduction, those which they are willing to share, these women and girls will drive you insane, at a moment’s notice. Just seeing them in action, while they are licking those lollipops, softly touching their wet pussies, is a one-way ticket to the pleasure zone. The lollipop is just one of many categories which you should know about, and to name but a few, let’s start with upskirt or bicycle ride, where you get a nice view of the ladies’ private parts, whether they are riding or walking, you are sure to be aroused. And how about some kinkier ones like punch drunk pussy, where a bottle is used instead of a dildo, a dildo that in a different category, also ends up in the ass? Well, rest assured, they have all the softcore action, and it never fails to deliver an orgasm. The videos are in full HD, and updated four times a week, a statement made, meaning that you will unlikely ever run out of porn. And if you should happen to have an overdose of being tantalized, then switch to the photos and enjoy the still images, while giving your imagination something to work with. The membership comes with unlimited downloads and a store, which would make you a proud and happy owner of a lot of great porn.


Some qualities make this site a wonderful one, from the steaming, yet still softcore action, a kind of action that would drive any person to a slow and very tantalizing orgasm, to the unlimited number of downloads. The videos are in stunning full HD and the quality of the photos themselves is remarkable. Along with a store and updates which happen four times a week, Candygirlvideos is a site which will not fail to astonish you.

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