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This site is the flagship membership site of the studio, which grants the members a regularly updated collection of porn videos and a few more extras. Let us see then what’s behind this site. It’s not easy to find information about the site’s launch. However, you should know that the Falcon, as a porn studio, has been in the porn industry since the early 70’s. These guys know what they do, that’s sure. As far as the site is concerned, it has been online about ten years now; the launch was sometimes in the 2000’s. According to the videos’ dates, the first ones were added in June 2005. So, we’re dealing with a 40 years old company’s ten years old site. The update schedule is busy, they add two scenes every week, and there is usually a matching set of photos uploaded with the flicks. The videos come from the studio’s DVDs, and there are seven other partner-studios, which offers somewhat different porn. Due to this schedule, at least, 100 scenes are added a year, and the number of them supports it: you can enjoy here more than 2430 scenes, originating from 710+ DVDs. This collection on its own is quite big, but if you want, you can enjoy some more content. As a member, you gain access to these videos (more than 1400 hours of porn), and you can join live cam shows too. In fact, the FalconStudios is an award-winning cam show provider too. The members of the FalconStudios gain access to a video-on-demand service, where they can choose from other studios’ movies (only gay porn), and there is also store, where the collector can buy the original DVDs for their collection. The videos here are not fully exclusive. The Falcon’s content is original, and the other studios’ too, but almost every video is available on DVDs, so you can get them in physical form.

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Don’t let the dark color theme of the site fool you, there isn’t anything bad or too nasty going on. It’s only to give a hardcore, professional impression to the visitors, which it does well. The main menu is on the top; you should get familiar with it because if you join, the members’ area will have nearly the same layout. As you take the tour you will notice that the studio isn’t a cheapskate: you can watch ten free preview trailers, which is quite a good insight. In the members’ zone, you can find a search field on the top of the page, which is capable of recognizing mostly all popular keywords and the models’ name. There are several options to make it easier to browse (e.g. you can list the scenes by categories, or studio, etc.). It seems that the FalconStudios is a streaming-only porn site. It’s not a big issue, and the in-browser playing is a popular and quite good option. You can choose from multiple quality settings, and even if you have to exchange a few pixels for a better playback, you can still have a good experience.

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The FalconStudios is not one studio that provides hardcore porn, but it’s the collective name of a network of gay porn studios, which offer the members a selection of videos with different niches featured, and more than 2,000 different models. On this site, you can enjoy the work of eight different studios, so an excellent variety of niches and styles are present here. On this site, you can reach all content of these studios, and as you will see there really hot lads in them too. Since these are all gay-porn providers, no girls are allowed on the stage, so there will be only handsome, nicely shaped and well-hung guys around. Most of the models are Caucasians, but if you like ethnic lads, some Latino and Asian guys are also featured; it seems that Blacks are not appearing. The models’ database is easy to browse, and you can gather some info on the guys, like their sizes, their position preference, and also their scenes are collected at one place. You will see that there are guys who aren’t versatile. There are top guys, who like to be dominative and be the one who drills the other while there are those who prefer getting fucked instead of nailing others. There are no twinks on the site. However, some guys may fit into that category. The majority of the models are all worked-out lads, with a taste for cock. This is mainstream studio porn, which means that in most cases the guys are using condoms. There might be some bareback sex, but that’s not the main niche in these videos. Depending on the studio the given video came from, you can enjoy here various styles, not just in the matter of capturing and setup, but also in the way they do the sex. These guys are getting at each other when they come to the chance, and you will find it that everyone has the opportunity to play the role he prefers. If one prefers to be bottom, he is usually paired up with a top or a versatile, though the latest won’t get cock in his ass. The videos are all shot in a studio environment, so they are quite good to watch, and also the lighting, and the whole stage setups are perfect. Every scene covers various hardcore niches, but given the fact that it’s mainstream, don’t expect anything too heavy.


When you open this site, you get access to a large collection of porn. This is all about professionalism and providing good porn for the eager audience. The site is huge, and if you like gay porn, you can surely find here everything you need. Though there aren’t any network sites included, the overall amount of videos can satisfy everyone, and with the occasionally dropping exclusive (made for the site) scenes it’s also a nicely varied compilation for a nice price.

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