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Reality Kings boasts to the fact that they were voted the best website for real porn videos and I tend to agree with them. The site is great for finding a cool new video with a special backstory or searching for a particular area of interest. They promote popular videos but they also have varied categories from ebony sex to lesbians and BBW.

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The content on the website felt a bit overcrowded as they have a huge header that serves no purpose but showing three boring pictures and boasting with the fact that they get content from 38 different sites. What I liked about it though was the fact that there were 9 languages that you could pick from. Changing the language also replaced the most popular videos. The site adapts to the specific needs of different publics from all over the globe.

They choose one video from the latest updates and they promote it on the main page along with the description. This strategy may help direct you towards a great video but if that one is not to your liking you have to scroll a bit for the other videos. You can only find categories near the footer of the page and you have to scroll all over hundreds of videos to get there. The menu points you towards the porn stars on the website and the other sites that offer the content on Reality Kings.

Girls & Content

There are many types of girls on this website. You will find ebony girls, Asian chicks or white women with both big and growing tits and buts. I found all kinds of porn videos on Reality Kings, from amateur videos to professionally filmed pieces in high definition. You can either stream videos or download them for later use. The films are great and there is a variety of choices. What I loved most about Reality Kings is the “Our Girls” page. The page has over 6000 pornstars sorted by popularity. You can see their pictures and choose the one to your liking. Her page will open so you can find another picture of her accompanied by a brief description and a list of videos she acted in.

Therefore, if you have a favorite pornstar, try finding her on Reality Kings and see lots of videos of her. Even more, some of the women have a good relationship with the website so you can message them or open a live chatroom with them. You can find the working hours on their pages to get them live on chat. I think that is awesome as I if I like one girl in particular from her videos, the website helps me contact her.

Most of the 13,000 videos on Reality Kings are filmed in 1080p which is great for streaming. The categories are mostly separated by fetishes. Therefore, I found a whole category of girls in stockings, with tan lines or women with well-toned muscles. The BBW category was a bit disappointing though as the girls there were not extremely fat but rather big titted. One of the great things about Reality Kings was that the promoted videos were well picked. I found a video of a yoga instructor having sex with his students or a hot step mom giving the birds and the bees’ speech to her 20 years old son as best as she could. There are many great videos and the website administrators are clearly great at selecting the finest ones.


What I liked the most at Reality Kings is the fact that the videos have amazing backstories that incite your imagination. There are many categories to choose from and the quality of the videos is good too. The “Our Girls” page is also a plus mostly because you can actually contact some of the women on the site.

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