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If you have an insatiable thirst for sex action, you need to catch up with a site like The GF Network. There are times when you need to watch real life flicks of sex encounters that feature nothing artificial but everything in a natural environment. Yes, there is something that smells that good on The GF Network. You get amateur sex and the flicks in numbers you will never exhaust in your porn-watching lifetime.

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The GF Network is well-designed. I like the dominant cream hue in the background was nothing screaming but there is some conspicuous pink used in several places. It isn’t so exhibitionist but it turns your attention more to the content than the antics of art and nuances of background color choices; in any case, the scenes come with their varied range of backgrounds. If there is one thing that scared me a little when I landed on the site’s homepage, it is the fact that there are no many obvious browsing tools. I thought it would be a nightmare navigating but I was wrong. I discovered that the long list of tagged captions that span several pages on The GF Network are some form of a genie browsing alternative. The links lead straight to the scenes. So all you need to do is to sift through the pages and select the movies you wish to sample. Well, that didn’t feel hard for me. Users are allowed to stream the many videos available as much as they wish.

The video quality is fair and impressive; given that they are user-submitted flicks. I also noticed that The GF Network frequently updates its content. If you are thinking about one or two flicks in a week, you’ve got to think again. These are exceptional sites that add flicks almost every day. In fact, when they update their content, they add several of them at a go. I kept stumbling on new content every day for the period I patronized The GF Network. It is enough to keep you hooked for a long time. There are many bonus sites that you can also visit and enjoy the content. I loved what I saw on such sites as Squirting GFs, My Ebony GF, Jizz on My GF, Chat Revenge, Girlfriend Orgasms, me and My Latina and loads more. There are 23 other sites that give you free access with your subscription to The GF Network.


Girls & Content

If you wish to check out raw sex as captured by the amateur girls themselves, I would suggest you check out what these guys have. I loved the action that doesn’t seem to stop. All the girls on The GF Network are gorgeous and daring cuties who have some extra energy that you may never have expected. So you’ve got to check in prepared. You are treated to a variety of entertainment on the platform. There are scenes that feature the beautiful girls in solo masturbation action; some of them are captured on camera as they suck some monster cocks until the dudes groan with pleasure.

You are also treated to some scenes that feature girls and dudes in steamy penetration moments. The dudes can be seen pounding the girls with such relish that you wish you are in the heart of the action. You never fall short of entertainment on The GF Network. There are about 7000 videos for your entertainment on the platforms. These videos are made in MP4 and Flash Player format for streaming. You can also download as much as you wish once you subscribe to the content on the platform. You could also tone down the heat by visiting over 15570 galleries. Each set has 20 pics.



The GF Network is a great place to sample raw amateur sex scenes as captured by fresh and daring models. The display is magnificent. The number of videos is sufficient. Well, if you are turned on by amateur hotties in a lavish display of hair goodies, try out The GF Network.

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