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Our Opinion on Sis Loves Me


The SisLovesMe is quite a nasty hardcore porn site. It covers a fantasy: stepsister and stepbrother having sex while their parents are away. On its own it’s already a heavy thing, but the actual sex in the videos is also something you should see. The site isn’t part of any network, but it claims to offer regular updates and high-quality videos; to back up its claims the site has a serious company behind its back. According to the registration information, the SisLovesMe is very new site: it was created in the November of 2015, so it’s only six months old. It also looks like the videos were started to come quite recently, so we can’t say what the update schedule here is. The movies are shot with the latest technology, so much is true, and so you can expect to watch here only HD and Full-HD videos. What you can find here is entirely exclusive, and these movies were not added to any other sites yet. If you were wondering about the quality, we should say that you can expect some hot stuff in here. The first we noted that the site looked familiar, and as we explored its background we found out that it’s run by the PaperStreetMedia, which is the company responsible for the excellent TeamSkeet site. As we dug up this information we were certain that the site stands on firm ground, and if the videos are as good as they look, it will become a popular portal soon.

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The tour page of the SisLovesMe is simple. There is nothing here to do because the only insight you get about the content is in the form of pictures. The thumbnails and gifs listed on the home page are quite enough to give you an idea about the content’s nature. However, there isn’t anything else to get here. The site shows some info about the videos, but as you will notice the length and the number of views are not real: the same scene is represented with three thumbnails with three different lengths. Since the site is run by the company behind the TeamSkeet sites, the inner section looks somewhat like those sites’ members’ area. The main options here are those that let you get to the videos and the photos. The mobile interface of the site has the same design elements, and the tour also features the same pictures and gifs. Every video of the site is available online. You can start playing them as soon as their page loads, and you just have to click on the player window. For in-browser playing the site provides a Flash video stream. If you like to watch your videos in the highest possible quality, you should choose the downloading options. The files you can save are MP4s, and there are usually three settings to choose from: 480p, 720p, 1080p. The picture galleries contain mostly video captions, and there aren’t many actual photos.

Girls & Content

So, we have here a hardcore porn site with over a dozen of videos, offering you some nasty fantasy and hot sex. These reality-themed porn scenes are quite exciting, and as you watch them, you will wish that these girls were your stepsisters. Naturally, the guys and girls are not siblings, they are all professional porn actors, who perform a neat fantasy which is imagined by millions of guys throughout the world. These hot girls are doing a fine job, and though we all know these videos are not real, in some of the scenes they truly seem to be pissed off. But let us take a look on their body. We haven’t seen so cute ass-shapes in a while, so it was an excellent change after the big-shot pornstars. These cuties are all natural beauties, and though many of them are well over 20, they still give that nice impression which makes them so tempting. So, it’s quite certain that you will like watching as these tight girls get destroyed by the well-hung male models. Mostly Caucasians beauties are featured in these videos, but as you will see, Latina chicks also misbehaving with their stepbrother. We don’t think that the girls are amateurs, and we rather believe we saw them already in other videos, shot in the reality-style. The scenes of the SisLovesMe seem to be quite long – while a few lasts for only 17-20 minutes, the site provides long movies with a play-time over 30 minutes. You will see that the quality is not an issue here since the videos of the site are all providing you with great jerking material. Every video of the site is scripted, and as you might expect from a reality site, they are all staged. What takes place in them is quite heavy. Even the basic idea of stepsister and stepbrother engaging in sexual activities is outrageous… and that’s why these videos are so hot. The sex is juicy, and since the guys are always well-hung, the girls have to stand a siege as their partner ram their pussy. Most flicks are shot in POV, but there is a third person too, who shoots the flicks from different angles. In most cases, however, it’s going on in POV, and if it gets hotter, the guy simply puts down the camera. There aren’t too heavy things happening, however in some cases the girls get a creampie surprise, but for example, there is no anal sex.


The SisLovesMe is very new, so it’s too early to make a statement about it. But to summarize our review, we believe that it’s going to be a good portal. This theme is quite actual, and there are newer and newer series created with this kind of sex in focus. Since we know the company behind the site, we can assure you that you will have a really fun time while you are a member. However, the site is very fresh, and the content counts are not great, so you might join for a month, then return later.

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