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Physical pleasure is something that varies from person to person. It is a very personal thing and totally depends on the person how he or she likes to enjoy it. While sometimes guys like it in a slow as a soft way, many like it in a rough and hard way. And thus, there are the soft core and the hardcore pornographic contents that adorn a site showing these adult pictures and videos. So how you like it, is entirely up to your choice. While the soft core films are slow and concentrate more on the act of foreplay, the hardcore ones are more into aggressive physical intimacy. The hardcore ones include the various acts like that of unwanted physical pleasures, authoritarian and self-inflictions. Fisting also forms an important part of this genre.

Sometimes, these hardcore pornographic contents incite us the most, and we derive the best pleasure from these sadistic contents. Do you love to see the lovely butts being whipped and the tender pussies being cracked down and explored by the fists? If your desires are raw and stronger, then these hardcore contents will help you derive the needed pleasure.There are many pornographic sites that feature these hardcore adult materials. But for one of the best experiences, do check out the WhippedAss.

It is a site which renders full sadistic and hardcore pleasure with its vivid contents where ill-treatments and manhandling forms an enormous part of its collections of pictures and videos. The site is full of photos and videos that are updated on a daily and sometimes even on an hourly basis. So it is a never exhaustive one and thus successfully gives you the ultimate pleasure. The site is a complete adult site because it contains all kinds of physical acts to titillate both men and women.

Gay and lesbian acts also form a part of it though the site is best known for its lesbian contents. If you derive pleasure from seeing a woman tied up and fucked wildly and a group of men NIL her delicate body, then this is the site to watch for. There are videos where even men are tied up and manhandled by beautiful women. The videos are very well choreographed and thus never fail to arouse your senses.

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The design of the website is typical and has all the characteristics that a pornographic site has. The videos are well categorized into different sections. The homepage that you are directed into when you click on the link gives you a brief introduction about the contents of the site. Here it explicitly states that this site is a one that is renowned for its lesbian acts and complete femdom. Nowhere can you get such great videos and pictures that specifically show female to female sex and that too in hardcore such forms. Then there runs the obvious age disclaimer and warning. So once you approve and confirm your age, you are in for a lot of pleasures.

Love to see one woman on top of another? Do you often fantasize about a girl to physical girl relationships then this is just the right place to experience visually them in a more vivid form? Once you hit the Enter button, you are taken to the main page of the site which is full of well-categorized contents featuring hundreds of videos in the trailer formats and then there are the images. The videos and pictures are all categorized in a very neat and well manner which helps you filter your search easily with the exact preferences. You are never tired of the films because fresh supplies are always being uploaded. The categories are mainly of very harsh natures as the tying up of victims, and physical exploitations are the ones that feature on this site.

This site is not for the weak-hearted and those who love to have soft physical pleasures. This is more about the raw and essential things where no inhibitions and squealing are entertained. Whiplashes and intense BDSM reign on this site. The site has the dedicated ‘join now’ button which allows a user to join the site with a minimum membership charge. And when you pay for the site you should never feel sorry about your decision because if hardcore pleasure is what you are looking for, then no other site can give you a better experience. The trailers are all free to watch, and if you like the trailers, then you can sign up the membership form in some very simple step and thus get the pleasure that you are looking for. The site even has a mobile version and is visually compatible with any audio-visual device.

Girls & Content

The models are very efficiently chosen so that they can perform these tough acts. The girls are beautiful yet the authoritarian in their acts. Their soft docile bodies are very well maintained that enhances the sleazy and the raunchy acts. The girls are very professional in their acts and never fail to satisfy you. They know the exact moves that will increase your libido. You can never complain about the effort that they put in into each of these films. The girls are some of the best actors of the industry.

The videos are of very high quality. High definition image quality is what that this site telecasts. The buffering speed of the videos is also very fast, so you have a great experience since there are no intermediate interruptions while you watch a movie. All the streaming is done at a go, so waiting time is almost zero, and this also helps you to give that real feel.


The WhippedAss is all about lesbian physical pleasures that are full of hardcore things like beating up, whiplashes, spanking and pussy hunting that make your experience a complete one.

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