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An awesome erotic porn site, AfterSchoolJP/EN delivers you hot Japanese chicks that are all game and willing to be deflowered by mature lovers. Judging by the name of the site, you would know where most of the hardcore actions take place. Being newbies in the porn industry, fall in love with these naughty darlings as they masturbate and give blowjobs only to be fucked real deep and wild at the end! Witness their sexual adventures right after attending their academic subjects!

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Asian beauties are famously known for being shy and timid. They are also famous for being submissive, especially with their husbands. It’s no surprise why they make a perfect wife. But if you think that, you would want to think again once you’ve seen them in sexual actions. Especially the Japanese darlings, though they might look innocent and demure, there’s no stopping them once they are inside closed doors! Even their status won’t stop them from teasing their lovers as long as they can get their tight pussy and anal holes filled!

Presented in a website that would instantly put a smile on your face, AfterSchoolJP/EN is another wonderful offering to all the Japanese porn lovers out there. Though there are many Japanese sites on the Internet today, this one has set a difference by having strict standards when it comes to choosing models. Visit the website today and you would know exactly what I’m talking about! The featured models on the site’s banner are more than enough to make you go sick and crazy with desire!


Girls & Content

AfterSchoolJP/EN is a porn site that caters sexy and beautiful Japanese chicks. From the site’s name, you would know that you are dealing with sweethearts that are learning with books in the morning and are getting their masters in hardcore fucking at night. They look so innocent and sweet but don’t get fooled by their physical appearances. They can be the wildest sluts in town anytime they want.

At the homepage, you can see a lot of details about them. Even the sizes of the bra that they are wearing are shown. So, even without taking their clothes off, you would know how big and round their tits are. They look so delicious to munch, in their uniforms, but you would feel hotter once they start to undress. In case you can’t see enough pictures to convince you to sign-up, I’m sure the previews would solidify your decision. There are scenes made in the library and comfort rooms as well. Rest assured that the visual quality is at its best. Also, Japanese darlings are known for being noisy, so make sure to wear your headset while you are streaming the videos. Their sweet voices are like music to the ears. Their moans are some of the best I’ve heard so far!

Their tits are big, round and pinkish. You would surely want to massage and suck those nipples yourself. Some come with cleanly shaven pussies while others chose to leave those mounds of black hair between their legs. Whichever way you prefer, the actions would still make you filthy wet. They give skillful blowjobs and they can also do every position imaginable, just to satisfy their lovers. Most of them even beg for facial cumshots! There are great camera works that would entertain you to the fullest. Though there are some blurred genitals here, that doesn’t make the actions any less interesting!



AfterSchoolJP/EN lets you feast on the freshest and naughtiest darlings of Japan. Gathered together right after a day in class, they are all set to hunt for massive cocks to fill their hungry pussies. They know they are beautiful and they know how to use their firm and tight bodies to tease any lover in the scene. Feast your eyes on these precious pearls in full HD videos and images!

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