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People exchange a lot of things: experience, gadgets, money, information, and everything. However, in the porn industry, they can make your fantasies coming to life. Have you ever thought to fuck your friend’s hot female offspring? If so, then the DaughterSwap is the site where you could see your fantasies turning into reality, while the site also suits your needs in every possible aspect. To satisfy your needs, the folks behind this site came up with the idea of creating porn scene where daddies are fucking each other’s girl. What does this fantasy foreshadow? The first thing that comes to mind is that the girls must be fresh and really hot to fit the fantasy, while you can also expect some well-hung guys from the daddy-aged area. On its own, the age gap porn is hot too, but when you add such a dirty fantasy to the recipe, you ought to love the result. The DaugtherSwap is one of the most recent porn sites, and it has the company behind its back, which has already prove what good porn is: the Paper Street Media. This bunch of crazy folks is the one behind the TeamSkeet Network, which is one of hottest sources of US and European hardcore porn, the DaugtherSwap is one of the most recent porn sites, and it has the company behind its back, which has already prove what good porn is: the Paper Street Media. This bunch of crazy folks is the one behind the TeamSkeet Network, which is one of hottest sources of US and European hardcore porn, focusing on beautiful fresh girls. The DaughterSwap is a standalone project of this crew and is not part of any network, including the main network of the company. We must say, though, that his is a site we recommend, even though there are no additional sites or bonus videos. To the question regarding our reasons we have an answer: it is plain awesome. And also, one of the most important factors: the whole collection is made for this site, and the videos are not accessible any other porn sites, except for some short promotional clips.

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Open the site and you are going to see that it’s new. The design elements and the layout all show the recent nature of this portal, and while you are here, you should take your time to get used to it. The members’ zone will be quite similar. However, the site offers you a lot to help you make up your mind: you can view several preview videos, and while you are doing so, you might start shaking that shaker. The clips will show you bits of the story and the hardcore action too, so you might get the idea after all. When you enter inside, you are going to see a similar layout, with the same design elements in use. What made us frown a bit is the number of ads in the members’ area. We can only hope that in time, as the site grows and becomes more widely known they will start to decrease the number of banners. In principle, the site works just as you might expect from it, and since there aren’t many videos here, you won’t need any advanced tools. Each video has its own page, where you can find the information on the content. This includes a description, ratings, and the download options. You have three video-related options: download in 1080p, HD, or SD. If you don’t like the idea of storing porn on your computer, you might use the embedded player, which also grants you Full-HD playback. There are also photo galleries and video caption galleries to browse, and they are all available to download in one archive.


Girls & Content

The models here are not amateurs, we can say that for certain, and it’s true for the guys and the girls too. These fine pieces of women are certainly worth watching, because they are all natural beauties, with fine ass and a pair of nice tits. Some are bustier than others, though we must say if you are here for big boobs, you have to wait for new videos and hope. We have seen a lot of Caucasians in the scenes, but fortunately, this is not a discriminating website, and you can enjoy some interracial action too, as White dads fuck Black girls and Black dads fuck White girls. Since the girls are professionals, they are quite easy to bend, and you can measure their level of expertise by the way they fuck. If we were to judge the site for its models’ list, we would give it an A at least. When they introduce more ethnic girls, we would consider an A+.

But, we can’t judge the site only for the girls, because what hot good girls are if they are not doing it right, or the scenes are overall junk? So, let us inspect these videos. What you will notice as soon as you start playing is that they are carefully scripted, and the girls must do some actual acting (they are surprisingly good!) before they get down to business. Another important element you might notice is the nature of these scenes: they feature two couples, but the one scenes cover one couple’s sessions. This means that every foursome’s story is broken down into two (quite lengthy) scenes. For example, there is a scene-couple, which features interracial sex: in the first part, Yhivi (Caucasian brunette) fucks the hell out of her girlfriend’s dad, who happens to be Black. Naturally, the second part tells about Nami taking on Yhivi’s dad, and giving him what he needs the most: fresh, tight, Ebony pussy.



The DaughterSwap is quite exciting, and we believe that these videos are just what you need. When you are looking for fresh porn, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get into the members’ area of this site and enjoy this crispy, fresh collection. The site keeps on updating, which is great news, and we must say that videos represent true quality, they are not just cut-together hard fuck sessions with no story and hasty endings. No, these are well-built and fun stories, which happen to end in hardcore sex.

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