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Erotic Beauty is a soft porn platform that offers the users a rich set of gorgeous girls featured in still photos shot in various locations. The focus is on photography. Enjoy lots of nudity that capture your imagination without stirring you too hard. You are treated to a rich collection of high res photos presented on a platform with some of the most progressive and advanced features on the internet. The images never come in better quality than what I experienced on Erotic Beauty.

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As I mentioned earlier, expect plenty of fast lane technologies and impressive tweaks here. The home page invited me to a gorgeous blonde on the top pane. The flagship model has all the features of beauty and what any man would want in a woman. The glossy black background gives you a refreshing feeling that makes you relax in anticipation. Indeed, what lies beneath the surface is worth exploring. There is a list of categories, a search tool to help you access the content you want at your pleasure fast and easily.  I could also use the drop down menu to catch up with what the platform offers at a glance. The loading speed is superbly fast. One might expect that since there are no videos; but judging from the way other sites load, you have to give it to Erotic Beauty for making life so easy for the users. I could also check out the content via my mobile phone. Users can also skip several pages and head to the specific content they wish to sample. There is a model index that allows you to check out the cuties by their name and other characteristics.


Girls & Content

I mentioned earlier that you will have to set aside your appetite for dynamic porn and settle for the sleek pics of a large collection of amateur girls that afford you a sneak peek into their nude world. You are only treated to naughty nudity acts, but you don’t get any sex going; at least not practically. Some of the pics could get you going just as easily as watching a sex session, though. I mean, the girls never get prettier that what you are presented with on Erotic Beauty. I was swept off my feet by the nude bodies of such models as Natalia. The blonde hottie unveils her golden treasures by graciously posing with her legs spread out and allowing you a subtle view of her softies. Indiana is a naughty girl that you want to catch up with on the platform and, indeed, desire to meet in real life. She comes with a daring demeanor and style that leaves your glands wet.

Meet Divina, the Latina cutie with a message in her eyes. She seemed to dare me into the adventure. She is endowed with a gorgeous tight butt and sexy eyes that could disarm a general. You are provided with crisp clear photos in high res form. There are over 4000 galleries to sample.  All the images are glamour photos captured by skillful photographers. You can download these photos in a zip file provided. You will love the great range of photo types and style the girls bring to the camera lenses. I was impressed with the choice of lingerie too.



Erotic Beauty sticks to the amateur girls’ theme throughout the presentations. You are treated to entertaining nude images of gorgeous amateur women you have never met on any porn site. The content is exclusive and fresh. There is a large collection of photos to keep you busy for a long time.

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