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Hentai Pros is a great Hentai porn site. These days, it is increasingly difficult to find a really good adult Asian porn website, especially if they are in high definition and uncensored. Hentai Pros is the only XXX website that both gives you flashbacks to dial-up internet and a glance at the future of cartoon porn!

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Hentai is a type of Japanese cartoon of the adult kind and it was a very big thing back when the internet was fairly new. I was both shocked and amazed to hear that Hentai was still trending a decade and a half since its initial debut. If anything, Hentai has really gotten popular with the new generation, in fact, Hentai Pros is possibly the only adult cartoon website that caters to not only those who have Hentai fetishes but to those who were present when dial-up internet was around.

Hentai Pros touch on a very popular genre reminiscent of the early ages of the internet but what makes them any different or in this case any better is that they update on a weekly basis, the interesting plot lines, and finally, the high definition videos. The first thing I always check is if the website updates regularly. Based on what I saw, they update once a week, usually on a Monday. As strange as it sounds, the next thing I would check is if their stories make any sense, which is not something any porn enthusiast would commonly do.

Just because this is a porn site doesn’t mean us paying customers have to be satisfied with the bad content. There are some interesting stories on their website, and some of them even appear to have second or third episodes, which is quite interesting! But what’s a good story if the videos aren’t worth watching? I’m pleased to discover that not only are their videos high definition but uncensored as well, which is both incredible and super rare to find!

Non-desktop users rejoice because I tested out their website and videos on my smart phone and I had an incredibly good time viewing these videos without experiencing any technical difficulties. If you are a little skeptical and would want a closer look, why not opt for Trial Membership? If you have a dollar to spare, you will have limited access to the website for 2 days.


Girls & Content

The typical girls you would see in porn are a little bold and rearing to go. Unlike those girls, Hentai girls are the nerdy, shy, and quiet kind that are secretly horny devils underneath those mini skirts. These traits found on Hentai girls are common with Japanese women, and I understand the appeal of it. After all, who doesn’t have a fantasy about being the person responsible for turning their shy and quiet colleague into becoming their personal sex slave? This specific genre and trait have been around for almost as long as the internet has been alive, and everyone is loving it.

These girls may be adorable enough to make you want to know more about them, but sadly they don’t have a Model Catalog to list all these horny ladies. But fret not because they have a category page that sort of functions like a Model Catalog. They have at least 27 different categories to choose from, such as Anal, Bukkake, and Facials, just to name a few. There are few categories that fit my personal preferences like blowjobs, fantasy themed, even some business romance going on!

However, we should be focusing our attention on their Videos page where 70+ videos of cute Hentai girls are just waiting to be viewed and downloaded. When you go to the Videos pages, Videos are neatly lined up in 4 columns, displaying a preview image of the video, along with the date it was uploaded, the number of times it was viewed, how many people have liked it, and the title of the video.

Each video lasts about 20 to 30 minutes long and the video output quality is at least 720 px, which is technically speaking, already high definition. I didn’t notice it until I played my first video but it seems like the audio is in Japanese, but worry not for there are English closed captions available. Since I have Premium membership, I was curious to see how many videos I was allowed to stream or download, but I discovered that they will let you stream and download all the videos you like with no extra charge!



Hentai Pros was really fun and exciting to review but now I should give my unbiased opinion and whether or not Hentai Pros is worth your money. Hentai Pros has a really good theme going on, which is a well-established genre that never grows old. On top of having cute girls and some heavy XXX scenes, Hentai Pros also has a couple of cool features such as their frequent weekly updates, high definition videos, unlimited streaming and downloading for Premium members, uncensored videos, and quality plot lines.

The video line-up is impressive for a website that is barely a year old and I have never run into any serious problems. My final verdict is that Hentai Pros is an adult video website that you simply cannot afford to miss! I would highly recommend this website not just to the Japanese animation fans out there, but also the innocent people who are interested in becoming porn enthusiasts or historians. After all, Hentai is considered to be one of the earliest genres of porn available on the internet.

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