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Massaging is a very beautiful way to get a slut or a stud aroused and men love to see a hot sexy and naked slut massage a guy. The sexual experience you will end up getting from her will be pretty amazing. On majority of sites in the porn world, this feature is absent because the sites do not understand just how sensuous and intimate massaging is. When sex lacks intimacy, it leads to fake sexual performances from the porn stars, most of the time. With MightyRods, a quality porn video site dedicated to monster dicks screwing tight pussies, you will surely get a different experience, because the videos depict a high-level of intimacy between the performing porn stars.

Oh, not just two of them, but even in the threesomes. The very act of massaging every slut and hunk with massage and aromatic oils before the cunts are pounded is a sight to behold. Their pleasures are made the center point of the sexual experience, which the site is trying to offer. This experience results in the videos featured on the site being the best you can find on the internet. This review is written to get you informed about the site. It is intended to inform you about the features of the site. It will in the end educate you about the benefits you stand to gain from watching the right porn content from a site with the right features like this site.


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The design and layout features of any site greatly influence the kind of experience visitors will have while on the site. MightRods’ layout is quite simple but exquisite. It is the kind of layout which gives visitors the best possible user experience. When a site is devoid of all forms of clutter, navigating through its different parts becomes quite easy. You will discover that the user interface of this site is functional and intuitive. The most prominent feature of MightyRods is its color scheme. Black and purple are the major colors used on the site. Black is the primary background on which all the content is laid.

Purple, on the other hand, is wonderfully used on content border boxes and for fonts. Featured videos are placed in thumbnails with names of featured models posted just below them. The thumbnails representing the videos are arranged in a grid format for easily toggling. The arrangement makes toggling between the site’s content quite easy. When you click any thumbnail, you are linked to a page, which carries that specific video clip. Navigational buttons are well laid and clearly labeled on the site. This makes navigation through different parts of the site easy. Generally speaking, the site’s user interface is quite intuitive and functional.

MightyRods has over 100 full HD porn videos for downloading or watching online. New updates are constantly being added so you have quite an inventory of video clips for your satisfaction. To download the videos, you have MOV, MP4 and WMV as the file format options you can choose from. The video clips can be downloaded onto any personal device. This means you can carry your favorite clips around. This, in turn, enables you to watch them at your convenience anytime anywhere. To watch the videos online, you stream them onto an embedded flash player. The highest resolution which the videos come in is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps. The site also has over 100 photo sets for download or viewing. The sets contain over 55 images each. The resolution for the images, which can be downloaded in ZIP file format is at 1280 x 853.


Girls & Content

The girls featured on MightyRods are the best at what they do. Their capabilities and antics are greatly enhanced by the massage and oiling up they always give before being fucked. They are endowed with every feature, which makes a woman beautiful. From their faces right down to their feet, there is nothing, which will not get a second look. Their breasts are so full, firm and round that you will be tempted to rest your head against their chests and pray the sensation never ends. Their waistlines are perfect for being held while fucking them from behind.

The sensation their well-rounded asses give you when fucking them from behind is truly out of this world. Their wet, hot, horny pussies are always ready to take in monster cocks which are the trade mark of the site. These endowments enable them give you the best ejaculation experience of your life. The videos offered on the site are the best to be found anywhere in terms technical quality and sexual performance. The models never fake their acts. This is evident in the way they display their emotions especially when they climax. In one of the clips on the site, you need to see what one of the amazing sluts of all times in the porn world, Tori Black, was doing to Mandingo’s known monster dong. She handled him so expertly he had cum even before she sat astride him and began to ride him like a horse.

As they approached climax, you need to hear the loud moans of ecstasy that was coming from both of them. The peak of the show was when she convulsed at her moment of climax before collapsing onto his wide chest. Would you call a visible natural convulsion fake? The answer is obvious. You too can have the horniest sluts convulsing while riding you before finally collapsing onto your chest at their moment of climax. You can get to elicit loud moans of ecstasy from the way you are being fucked. All this will be realized when you join MightyRods.



The majority of sites on the internet have peculiar problems. If you want a porn site that will teach you how to fuck and make a girl moan loudly, you have it here. Everything about the porn content offered on the site is perfect. The best thing about the site is that it’s inexpensive. Check it out yourself. Of the three plans (monthly, quarterly and annual) you can choose from, the annual plan is the best with amazing discounts on offer. With all the perks on offer, subscribing to MightyRods is best for you and your monster cock.

In the last period the website seems to have been updated less frequently, so maybe it would be better to check this similar one as well: FantasyMassage.

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