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There are two kinds of amateur content on porn, and I must admit they can be a wee bit confusing, especially if you’re still fairly new in the porn world. First, there is so-called “amateur content” because they feature amateur models. This simply means that the ladies and gents that you are going to see on the video are not pornstars, OR they have not decided to become a porn star just yet and are just testing the waters. Also, there are people who just want to know what it’s like to do a porn video, so they figured they’re just going to shoot a video “this one time’. This means that you won’t likely see them again, unless they decide to take a different route and become a porn star indeed. Another type of amateur porn is when real people shoot videos and submit them to amateur porn submission sites. Yes, we all have those really sexy videos which we intended for personal use, but these guys shared the videos for everyone to see, just because they want to share their thing online, For the sake of the porn site that we are going to review today, we are going to talk about the second type of amateur porn – those coming from a user submitted amateur porn site called MoreTeenGFS.

It is a very big porn site that includes over six thousand videos and almost two hundred thousand photos. It is also known as the first ever real amateur porn submission site on the internet, so be prepared for a massive library with frequently updated content. And I guess it would be safe to say that each of the videos here has its story. What this porn site is best at though is presenting authentic content. You are not going to see a staged act here. No fake orgasms. Everything is real and they are done by regular blokes like us who just wants to have a good time, which does dirty acts not to be paid like porn stars do, but just because they are kinky and downright dirty.

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Maybe because of the theme which is “fresh chicks” showing their sexy stuff, this porn site’s overall theme look very feminine. It has a soft gray background and coupled with their fun lady graphic located on the header, the effect is just soft yet fun. It’s hard to put into words so what I suggest is for you to head on to their page instead to take a look at it for yourself. Now, once you have already logged into the page, you will see their header or banner. It will contain the graphic that I’ve told you guys about. Scrolling down, you will see the start of their thumbnails. These thumbnails feature the latest content that they have accepted from users. I use the term accepted because with the quality of videos that you are going to see here, it is pretty obvious that they have been filtered already according to the site’s standards, unlike the other user-submission sites where everyone can just upload anything. No, in MoreTeenGFs it doesn’t work that way. Each video would have to undergo a selection process before they are finally uploaded to the porn site. Below the thumbnails of the latest videos, you are going to see another set of thumbnails, this time showing the links to MoreTeenGF’s partner sites. You see, this porn site belongs to a bigger network, all featuring fresh chicks, and the best part is that you will get access to all of the sites at no extra cost by just signing up for MoreTeenGFs. Amazing, right? And finally, at the very bottom of the page, kinda like the site’s footer, you are going to see a gigantic blue button – the sign-up button, which upon clicking, will lead you to the membership sign-up page.


Girls & Content

Taking cue from the title, you will already have an idea of the type of ladies that you are going to see on the site, and because of the number of videos that you will be able to enjoy it would just be ridiculous to even try to describe all of the different types of ladies that you are going to find here. Rest assured, though, that they will all be fresh and vibrant. Oldies are not allowed on this channel. So, I’m sorry for the MILF fans out there. Anyway, as for the videos, this is the best part. They are all of the good quality! I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to find a porn site that offers high-quality videos because let’s face it. Amateur and quality do not go together. These videos are mostly taken using camera phones and, depending on the type of smartphone the people own, the quality of the videos they take also vary as well, but for some reason, the videos here are all aptly lighted and they are all crystal clear.



These reasons make this porn site such a rare find and any amateur porn lover who would pass out on this porn site would be missing out. This porn site was not able to build their reputation from just dirt. The creators of this porn site have obviously worked hard to bring MoreTeenGFs into where it is today. And remember, if you want more, you can always take a look at their other porn sites as well, which is by the way, of the same quality but they are more thematic like the sites IndianPorn and Black GF Sex, which I know you guys already know what they’re all about. These are not the only sites there, so you better explore the other sites too to know what you’re going to enjoy (or miss).

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