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Oiled massage as a foreplay technique makes for excellent viewing. Imagine, watching a hot naked chick giving a stud a very sensuous massage, or a hunk giving a beautiful, sexy and naked slut an equally sensuous massage. How does it feel watching the hands explore every part of the body, working up at a steady pace, feeling the curves, the ass, belly, dick/pussy, chest/breasts, nipples and all the erogenous zones of the body? Oh! This very thought makes your heart beat faster, and you would want to rush to the privacy of your room to jerk off. If this makes you go crazy, what would happen if you watch sensuous oil massage with your lover? Your hands would be busy stripping, oiling, massaging and ultimately fucking your partner, with gay abandon. I am feeling the intensity of the massage and the accompanying pleasure while writing the review of a very popular, oil massage porn site. The site is called NuruMassage.

NuruMassage is a very sensuous site that offers you well-oiled massage videos of chicks and studs at the hands of the opposite sex, not to mention the lesbian massage videos that you can enjoy while jerking-off. We have presented to you a comprehensive review of this site, covering the most important aspects of the site such as its design and features and the girls and videos that are present on the site. We are sure that after the review, you would be keen to have this site your first choice for having an out-of-this-world sexual experience

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A website’s usefulness comes from a variety of factors, the design and features it offers being the most important ones. From a design perspective, I must say, the site has one of the most beautiful colour schemes that you can come across. The cyan and black colour scheme is off-beat and gives the site a very soothing and calm outlook. Trust me, when you visit the site, the beauty of this colour scheme will strike your mind in a positive manner. This dark colour scheme gives you ample space to view the strategically chosen thumbnails effortlessly, be it the video thumbnails, pictures of guys and chicks getting massaged or the porn stars featured on the site. The videos and pictures stand out against the background colour scheme.

There are more than 250+ videos in 1080p HD quality and umpteen number of pictures featuring massaging couples. Sensuous from every angle, you are sure never to miss out on them whenever you visit the site. Below each video and picture, you will find the name of the porn star, the title of the video, the number of likes and dislikes and comments. The videos, pictures and porn stars can be viewed as latest, most popular and the number of views. Tabs at the top of the site make navigation to the pictures, videos, porn stars very easy. A yellow coloured Join Now button is prominently visible and you will never miss this out.

This site emits a luxuriousness that is difficult to give a miss and makes you believe that the site is out of your reach, from an affordability point of view. But trust me, you are in for a surprise, because this is a very affordable site, and even on a monthly subscription basis, you will not find it burning a hole in your pocket. But the best part is when you sign up for an annual subscription plan, allowing you to save significant money. By far, the most interesting aspect of this site is its “Share Your Fantasy” feature. I am sure, this feature will bring out your creative self, and your mind will work out some of the most wicked massaging ideas to be implemented. If your idea is selected, it will see the light of the day in the form of a video developed by the site. How cool it is, isn’t it! Your idea translated into an exciting video.


Girls & Content

Massaging requires a level of sensuousness and enjoyment that plain vanilla porn does not require. To that extent, the porn stars need to exude this sensuousness in their acting. In plain vanilla porn, the focus is on the sexual act, fucking the slut, or sucking the dick, and at the end of it, the chick takes the guy’s cum in her mouth or on her body. Massage porn, on the other hand, requires the actors to be confident about their bodies, their assets (breasts, pussies and dicks), and have a level of control when the erogenous spots are massaged.

When the actors show such restraint when being massaged, the sexual quotient of the site is enhanced. A visual feast is spread in front of you, and you will be eager to watch what happens next. Massage is like foreplay and needs to be slow, deliberate and, of course, sensuous. A slut can give a massage to a hunk, or the other way around. There is also the possibility of lesbian and gay massages, and lovers of gay/lesbian porn would love to watch them. So, this site has something in store for the straight and LGBT community. Very few sites can boast of such versatility.

One very special video that I loved is the Performance Review. This video involves two sluts, a senior and an apprentice in a massage parlour. The senior chick is assigned to review the performance of the apprentice slut, and a very hot hunk is the subject of the massage that day. The apprentice is supposed to give the hunk a massage of his lifetime so that she could be given a promotion. The senior has a set of criteria to rate the performance of the apprentice. The massage scene begins, with the senior guiding the apprentice to massage the hunk. Soon, the scene becomes erotic, and the guy experiences a hard-on. Unable to control themselves, the sluts give into their carnal pleasures and the guy gives them the fuck of their lives. The threesome is very erotic to watch and will make you cum with an intense orgasm engulfing every inch of your body. This sort of sexual experience is something that is worth the money you will spend on subscribing to the site. When you watch this with your partner, you will never have a day without a sexual adventure.



Let me conclude this review. You will be happy to know that this is one of the best porn sites you will come across. Amazing colour scheme, bright and HD videos, pictures and the most beautiful porn stars are sufficient reasons why you should subscribe to it. Couple it with the affordable subscription rates, you will be hitting two birds with one stone.

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