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Have you heard about biographical porn? If you haven’t, visit SweetCumGirl, there you’ll know the story of Lori Anderson a real American lustful girl. If you ever saw the movie Nymphomaniac with Shia LaBeouf, I tell you that it looks more or less like the true story of this real slut.



The layout of this website is pretty basic. Enough to have been designed by a graphic design undergraduate. Titles highlighted in purple, descriptions written with the same color on a dark gray background are the most outstanding aspects of its simple interface. Most interesting of all is the huge welcome banner where you get to see the stunning bombshell of Lori sticking her hand inside her panties. The first thing I asked myself when I saw that photo was: how many cocks have ever penetrated into that vagina? Judging by the number of videos on the page I assume more than 500. Wow! That vagina is as indestructible as the Iron Man suit.

The images on the website are accompanied by a title that will help to understand when, where and how each of the scenes was developed. Apparently, this woman has been misbehaving in many public places in the United States. I hope she never crosses with a cop: it could happen to her the same as George Michael. If your mind is strong enough and your right hand is still on the mouse, when you reach the bottom of the page you will see a varied gallery of photos and videos that are continuously being updated. There you’ll see the most brilliantly written descriptions that could only occur to Lori or a 6-year-old writer. I found the following funny enough: Waiting for the UPS Guy. I mean, who in this world is crazy enough to fuck the UPS guy? Ooops, Lori did it again. See what Lori is doing any time on your mobile device, and enjoy your time in a more private space with her.


Girls & Content

There are not many girls to see on this page as the main figure on this website is Lori Anderson. If you have not met her yet, I’ll describe you as she is: a MILF with a hot-smoking tan body, blonde hair and a real slut face. Undoubtedly, as prescribed by the doctor. If you live in the United States and you ever meet her, ask her for an autograph and maybe she’ll suck your cock. I would do it, besides, what you could lose? Your virginity? Yeah, sure.

Well, I’ll tell you that this website is much more entertaining than watching music videos, especially when the other performers make sing Lori when she orgasms. Beautiful. The approximate duration of each video is 12 min. In total, SweetCumGirl has a collection of 479 different scenes, all with the personal signature of Lori Anderson. Each one of the images is at a resolution good enough to have an erection and can be downloaded in .mpeg, .mp4, .wmv and .flv formats. The image galleries are 736 in total and available as .zip files in the direct download. If you want a piece of Lori on your computer, you can get one of the following membership plans: 30 days recurring, 30 days non-recurring, 90 days and 2 days limited trial.



Porno d’ auteur. With this French word, I would catalog Lori Anderson’s porn. Simply the most honest porn of a woman who decided to open her heart and her vagina to the whole world. Well done Lori, we’re with you!

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