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For many of us, porn has become our easy go-to when it comes to giving ourselves pleasure without the unnecessary attachments. If you have not encountered anything that has anything to do with the latter, you must be living on a strange, huge rock with no connection to the outside world whatsoever, because porn has been around since forever. The porn universe has a chock full of genres that cater to the interests of us, its fine, loyal legions. One of these is lesbian porn. Who could ever forget good, old lesbian porn and its many delicious, scrumptious looking ladies itching to get licked or licking? The thing with lesbian adult scenes is that, no matter how raunchy it may look like, it still has an air of class and eroticism to it – probably because they are mostly just made up of buttery, silky, smooth girls. It’s like the usual porn without the cocks.

In all my years reviewing, I enjoy lesbian porn sites the most. The girls, the scenes – the entirety of it is just as glorious as it can get. So, with the vast amount of lesbian porn sites floating around the world wide web, how can you be sure you have landed on the perfect one? I know, I know. That question is just as silly as it sounds. It seems difficult to choose, so we are all in a soul search for our perfect Sapphic porn site. Personally, I don’t mind a few and I certainly love every moment I had in TheLesbianExperience. For the most part, this lesbian porn site is new in town and may not have the largest content number at the moment, but updates are happening every week and so the number count goes up pretty fast, with one or two videos added every five to six days. It was launched just recently by New Sensations, a big name in the porn industry.

It has sensual scenes in amazing quality, featuring gorgeous ladies kissing, licking, toying, fingering, scissoring, and fucking each other. Despite it being just recently developed, I can say that this one right here is a keeper. With the fast updates and the great quality content, I think I have found myself hooked at some point. TheLesbianExperience has all that you need and seeks for in a lesbian porn site: gorgeous girls with banging bodies, raunchy and sensual sex scenes, amazing plot, and HD quality videos.

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TheLesbianExperience is rather new and so I expected it to be designed in a modern and minimalist way. I was right. This site is really neat looking and very orderly. It is not cluttered in any way, at all. When you have managed to make an account and become a member, you will immediately be prompted into their home page (or main page) where you will see a really big banner right on top that also serves as a very informative slideshow. It has the stills to the most viewed or latest updated scenes they have. The links are very easy to locate as they have been situated right below the banner. It has links to the home page, the login page, the updates page, the model index, the categories, and for those of you who have not joined yet, the “join now” link.

You will see the throng of videos featured in the form of a short preview clip and a bunch of video caps that go along with it. It has the title of the scene and a very short but very helpful description right below. They totally also give out the names of the porn stars starring in each scene and put the corresponding number of photos available in each set. Speaking of which, there are almost 40 photo sets available for viewing as I am writing this review and each set contains an average of 80 photos which are all in high resolution – they usually go at 1600 x 1200 or an amazing 1920 x 1080, specifically. All the contents in TheLesbianExperience are advertised as exclusive, and they are truly exclusive. You will not find any of their productions or scenes anywhere else other than here.

Right now, they have not listed any bonus sites that go along with your membership, but that is because the site is fairly new and they have yet to establish that. There is no favorites section, so you will not be able to save your preferred videos when you want to, but with the number of scenes present right now, you will not need that. They do have a model index with enough information and photos of your favorite lesbian ladies and they do not fail. Updates are happening every week, with one or two videos added each. Each available photo set can be downloaded via zip files, as well.


Girls & Content

I must say that the girls in this lesbian porn site are way beyond gorgeous and will want you to become a lady yourself so that you could connect with these beauties. Then again, that seems rather farfetched, so we will have to stick with just viewing them in immense pleasure. Each and every single one of the girls enjoys plenty of kinky sexual activities that stem from kissing, fingering, and licking. Usually, it ends in some kinky but sensual BDSM, some toy pleasuring, and some steamy scissoring. Each of these is caught in a really good quality film. As of now, the site houses almost 40 scenes with really great HD quality and the same HD playback. All scenes can be viewed by streaming or downloading. Both options will give you a quality of 1920 x 1088 pixel resolution and can be saved to your device in mp4 format. Streaming will require you the updated Flash player. There is no download limit.



Although still quite new, TheLesbianExperience is highly recommended for those of you who value lesbian porn. It is just too good to miss out on and with how the updates are going, it is obviously something that has a lot of potential in the long run.

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