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There is something truly special about a girl who likes to fuck a guy that she can call “daddy.” These girls are beautiful because they are willing to do anything that they can to make the man that they are fucking feel good and to be submissive to him. Since girls like this are so good to fuck, it can be argued that they would be really good in porn as well. This is true for the most part, but you would not be able to find girls like this on any of the mainstream porn sites simply because these porn sites are not willing to put all that much effort into the porn that they make.

Most porn sites out there have a set formula, and they try their best to stick to this formula. Hence, when you watch a porn video on these sites you are going to find that the formula is followed here too. Instead of getting genuine “daddy” porn, you get the same kind of porn as you would get anywhere else except the girl calls the guy her “daddy” a few times. This is nice but then again it is not exactly what you were looking for. You were looking for something that’s a little more exciting, something that can allow you to have some of the best orgasms of your life. DadCrush is really committed to giving you that kind of porn. This site is great because it really doesn’t try to impose on you to watch anything that you don’t want to watch. Instead, it works hard to give you porn that you would actually want to pay for, porn where the whole vibe of the video conforms to what you would like to do to a woman.




The layout of this site is beautiful because of the colors that have been used. If you pay attention, you are going to notice that there are not many colors in the layout of the site. The background is white, and there are some red lines and green boxes here and there, but that is pretty much it. This might seem a little odd to the people that are involved in mainstream porn because these sites often have very loud and ugly color schemes that attract all of the attention to themselves. When you watch porn on this site, however, the true importance of the color scheme is shown to you. Instead of being distracted by all of the colors, you end up feeling like you are watching something of value. The lack of color in the background allows you to place the focus on your viewing experience on the video itself rather than the layout.

The white background also really makes the videos pop out. Instead of being compelled to see these videos in a bright color scheme, the colors of the videos themselves are allowed to shine, and the white background also allows the videos to have bigger thumbnails and a lot more description which is certainly going to make it easier for you to pick the kind of porn that you are looking to watch while you are on this site. There are a lot of videos here, so having a white layout seems to have been a good idea. Overall, this site deserves a lot of praise for the quality of its layout, because this layout allows you to enjoy all that the site has to offer without making you worry about anything else that would be happening on it.


Girls & Content

There are a lot of girls on this site, but the really notable thing here is that they all give such amazing performances. They look like they are really into what they are doing, and the reason for this is that they really are having a good time. Instead of having girls that would just pretend, this site did a great job by hiring girls that are able to pull this kind of thing off. These girls know what they are doing, they love the “daddy” fetish and, as a result, they can give some of the best performances that you are ever going to see in the world of porn, period. There is a lot that can be learned from this site. However, out of all of the things that other websites can learn, it is always to hire girls that are actually into the fetish that you are trying to target.

The girls on this site have a great time, and they make you believe that they would fuck their “step-daddies.” They love being fucked by these older men, but the thing that makes this porn great is the fact that all of the girls here have a very fresh look to them, they all look like they are actually into what they are doing and that they are willing to get involved to the highest degree. You are never going to want to look at another porn site again for the simple reason that this one is just going to give you so much to appreciate already!



If you are interested in this site, it means that you have good taste, because this site is amazing. Out of all of the porn sites that are available on the internet, this does seem like one that does the best job. It manages to give you high quality “daddy” porn but, perhaps, the best thing about it is the fact that it does not charge you all that much money for it. This site does not have a very high monthly fee. Instead, it allows you to spend a few dollars every month or an even lesser amount every year. If you go for the annual subscription, you will be able to enjoy this site for almost seventy percent less than you would pay if you were paying month by month.

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