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The finest gay porn site to ever exist, DaddysBondage Boys, stirs up both fetishists and BDSM enthusiasts. The sizzling website is run by a beefy male, Master Vin who does not hesitate to strap up and chastise the boys. His dungeon comprises all the paraphernalia you would want to see being used in BDSM scenes. Equipment includes slings, dildos, and leather belts.

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I was awed from the very first moment I browsed DaddysBondage Boys. The site design is something you have to handle. It is simple and pretty basic. Speaking of the straightforward layout, users do navigate from one section to the other with ease. To add up, the features are strategically placed; hence, visitors find it very easy to find their way around the content.

The front-page display thumbnails, whereby every thumbnail represents a series of films. Also, there is information provided concerning the films. Therefore, the users do have some insight on what to expect in the films. A rare color theme has been applied on DaddysBondage Boys to ensure users have that hardcore feeling when visiting the site. The red, black, and gray mix is a perfect combination, and it does not hurt the eye nor brain. Users who do love traveling a lot will appreciate the fact the site is fine-tuned to load well on portable devices. I did load the site on my smartphone and the browsing experience was bliss. Other handheld devices compatible with the site include iPads, iPhones, and PSPs.


Boys & Content

The flogging of naughty persons has reduced drastically in the recent times. It is rare to find someone on the wrong being chastised, and that is exactly what happens here at DaddysBondage Boys.  Most of the scenes here show BDSM material in high-quality movies and high-resolution images. The amateur guys in the scenes are acting so well as if being devastated is their daily bread. The man behind the site, Vin does not hesitate using his energy – he has lots of it, thanks to his muscular and gym-built body. I did have a look in his playroom and I must confess it is pretty well-equipped with a lot of sex toys. From giant dildos to slings, and to leather belts.

I loved this particular series, “Breaking and Entering” where I did see Matt Stevens, a well-built cop, walking in the shower after a long day of chasing and flogging culprits. As Stevens is freshening up, Draven Torres gets a chance and enters the house unnoticed. When Stevens walks out of the shower, Torres from his hiding position attacks Stevens and pushes him on the bed. There is some struggle between the two, but the cop is overpowered. I did see Matt get tied with ropes and electrocuted. Draven goes ahead and pushes a huge dildo in Matt’s butt. Later on, he fucks Stevens hard in the tied position.

Currently, the site holds 50 flicks. The flicks do come in five series that are split into 10 parts. Flicks do have an average playback time of 15 minutes each. A new flick is usually added every week, and that is a plus. Movies do come in MP4 and WMV formats. There are coming in Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, HD resolution of 1280 x 720 and Web HD resolutions of1280 x 720 pixels and mobile formats of 720 x 480 pixels.



In conclusion, DaddysBondage Boys shows gay porn is the most sizzling BDSM scenes. The scenes do have a fetish touch to make things more thrilling.  The movies show cute lads getting strapped-on and chastised using floggers, dildos, and slings. The owners here are adding new smut every week, so you are not going to get bored anytime soon. Join the gay porn site today!

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