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So here’s the way I look at it. There are only two types of girl on girl porn sites right now: one that is created by men for men, while the other one is created by women for women. Those that are strictly for men usually contain unrealistically scripted scenes – and by unrealistic, it means that they usually contain actions that real lesbian, or real women, to be exact, don’t do in real life. They just incorporate these into their videos to make the scene hot for male viewers, but when real ladies are to watch these videos, they will find it hard to get stimulated by them because this is not just the way girls roll, if you get what I mean. The other type of porn site that I mentioned, on the other hand, is the ones created by women for women. Now these are the sites that take into consideration how the ladies would feel and how they would react. These sites provide the greatest stimulation for women. The only problem is, us men, usually find these sites boring and just hard to relate to. Should this be the case, though? Is there no porn site out there that would provide the right enjoyment and visual stimulation that would make everybody happy? No, there wasn’t… until now.

We have found a porn site that is created by women, or at least, how we have understood the short description of the porn site, that would certainly stimulate the ladies, but also give us guys the action that we’re more than happy to pump for. We are talking excitingly dirty scenes of women on women, more mature lesbian dominants “training” fresh straight and submissive chicks. The porn site that I am talking about and the one that we are going to feature in this short review today is called Dyked, and this is by far, one of the most impressive and high-quality porn sites that we have seen in a while. All you need to do is to take a look at their homepage to understand what we are talking about.

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The design of this porn site is surprisingly simple, yet it is still very striking. Maybe it’s the bold choice of colors which are black and yellow? Or just the crisp modern vibe that the color blocks exude? I just can’t put the finger on it, but that is the effect that I got when I viewed the homepage. The most impressive about the page though is not the layout, but the resolution of the videos. It was not mentioned on the page what the resolution of their videos is but if I would be guessing it, it would either be high-definition or better yet, the latest 4k ultra high-definition technology. That’s how superbly clear their pictures are! Every thumbnail and poster (especially the ones on the sliding banner of the porn site that served as advertisements of their latest content) looked perfectly clear and crisp. You won’t be seeing any grain at all.

What’s more is that the saturation of the pictures was brilliant. In fact, they have this certain thumbnail showing a girl throwing a book into the air – the book was suspended in mid-air in the shot and it did not even have motion blur! Yes, that’s right. There was even a crease on the page, but the book along with its creased page looked like it was suspended and frozen in time. The shot was so clear that you would not even think that the book was thrown. It looked like it was perfectly laid still on a table, except that it was upright and the book was glued to it. That’s how impressive the camera works of this porn site is! As for the thumbnails and posters that we have mentioned a while ago, they are all big and wide. In fact, the banner almost eats up your entire screen. And this is clearly done to feature the high-quality clarity of the videos.


Girls & Content

Don’t worry, the video quality is not the only good thing on this porn site. In fact, all the girls are. The ladies here were all strategically chosen I suppose because they all look like angels on Earth. They are some of the most beautiful pornstars you will ever see on porn. You will be surprised at how gorgeous each one of them is! Plus, you are going to get the best out of both worlds – the fresh chicks and the more mature ones. As for the videos, oh man, they are seriously hot. The scenes here would literally make you hold your breath. These innocent-looking chicks don’t really know what they are getting themselves into. And the porn queens that subject them to these kinds of stimulation? They are merciless. That’s all I can say.



Like I said, both guys and girls would enjoy Dyked. If you don’t, then you are pretty rare my friend, and you should be brought to a museum of archaeological history because you are an endangered species. It is hard not to appreciate a porn site as brilliant as this. If you want to enjoy all the content of this site, which I am sure you do, then here are the details on how to sign up for membership. First, you need to create an account. All you need to do is to enter the username that you’d want to use, create a password, and enter your email. It is that simple. Second, you would then be required to select a membership plan. There’s a trial plan good for one day if you want to take a look at the site first, and then there are three types of monthly plans: a one month plan, a three-month plan, and a twelve months plan. Just remember that the longer you choose, the more affordable it gets. Have fun!

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