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Youngthroats is a porn genre where girls perform deep throat action without gagging on a cock. The action is raw and hardcore, but these ladies have a burning desire to suck cum and take massive cocks in one stride.


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There are five preview pages on the first page of the site and what you see initially are all attractive girls with a cock in their mouth. You see an otherwise pretty lady with her makeup smeared all over her face looking slightly disheveled. The website design is simple and clear, without any distractions or flashy banners.

The layout is beautiful and makes everything clear and easy to follow. Since the layout and web design are quality made, you can expect to find some advanced navigating filters to make it easier for you to find what your heart desires. Visiting and staying on this website is really pleasant thanks to the visuals that are not too bright and not too dark, which makes it really nice on your eyes while browsing at night. Also, all the action can be downloaded or viewed on any mobile device without any restrictions or reduced quality.


Girls & Content

You really need to see the video to realize that the lady has been struggling to satisfy her man and his cock, to give him an ultimate feeling of a good deep throat. There is a thumbnail section of the ladies whose skill are on display. Girls are dressed in brightly colored apparel that makes them look more innocent than what they really are. Click on their photo and you will be taken to a preview of their video where the pretty clothes are pretty much removed and they are right in the process of attempting the deep-throat.

All of the thumbs link you to some intense action. There are more than 160 high-quality videos on this website. You won’t miss any of this very powerful and raw action as the video scenes are displayed in full HD. The highest rated MP4 (downloadable) clocks in at 8200 kb/s 1920×1080, whilst WMV (downloadable) and Flash (for streaming) formats also provide high-quality viewing. Each video runs for about 25 minutes and its action all the way. There are a lot of pictures included as well.

With every video out there, there is a photo gallery included that holds more than 400 high-resolution images. Photos can be downloaded as well, and they come as a ZIP file. Your job is to last as long as the video which may be quite difficult if this is your thing. These deep-throat trainees are a very attractive bunch of ladies. They have a fresh natural look and you would never guess without prior knowledge what they would do in the video. They are fair skinned and not the curviest but they are not out of shape, in fact, a lot of them have gymnasts bodies.

The videos follow a similar path in that the stud requires his lady take accept his swollen member all the way down her throat and allow him to fuck her until completion. This apparently is nowhere near as easy as it sounds for the cock gets rejected a few times with the lady unable to control the very strong gag reflex. Eventually, she is able to exert control and everyone is very happy. Membership packages can be bought for as short as one solitary day or by the month or once every three months. As a member, you will gain access to over 47 bonus websites in their network and live webcam shows.



The collection available on this website sets new standards for the face fuck. Great design, layout, and visuals make this place really pleasant to stay. With amazing offers and bonus sites, you are bound to stay here for a long time.

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